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A Vote for the GOP is a Vote Against America

Opinion: A Vote for the GOP is a Vote Against America

G on Politics (OPINION): Many Americans seem unaware of the actual stakes in the 2016 election -- the Greedy Obstructionist Party is promising trade embargoes, Radical Christian Terrorism, increased war on women, and actual shooting wars. All in all, the ascendancy of Conservatism is a sharp and current threat to us all.
Nation of Sheep Made to Distrust Hillary

Opinion: Nation of Sheep Made to Distrust Hillary with Deplorable Innuendo

G on Politics (OPINION): Imagine what your life would be like if everything you said or wrote was dissected in public. Now imagine how much more outrageous it would be if people began using innuendoes, distortions, slurs, slams, and lies about you. All day. Every day. For years.
National Racism Test in POTUS Run-Up

Opinion: National Racism Test in POTUS Run-Up

G on Politics (OPINION / Satire): A scientific test is being conducted to calculate the number of bigots, goons, oafs, fools, and fascists in the USA. The experiment takes place November 8. "There are nearly sixty-one million racists and morons in the United States." The speaker was Professor Ramon Estadística of the Institute of Records in Washington, D.C.
Thank You, Donald Trump

Opinion: Thank You, Donald Trump

G on Politics (OPINION): An open letter to the leader of the political party that is becoming known as Goons Obstructing Progress. Dear Donald Trump: Thank you for putting so many things in perspective. Before you came along, it appeared that many people failed to acknowledge the pestilence known as Conservatism.
Opinion: Will the Ape Debate Hillary?

Opinion: Will the Ape Debate Hillary?

G on Politics (opinion/satire): Whether or not Donald Trump chickens out of debating Hillary Clinton, Americans are already judging the speeches, statements, and pronouncements of the sane candidate and the angry orange orangutan.
Eeek, a Trumpenstein Monster!

Opinion: Eeek, a Trumpenstein Monster!

G on Politics (opinion): Now that Donald Trump has emerged as the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party, there are alarm bells going off inside anyone with a soul or an I.Q. above 80. There are so many things to fear.
Trump Hunts Delegates

Opinion: Trump Hunts Delegates

G on Politics (opinion): The race for the nomination of the Treason Party is heading toward a strange finish line called an 'open convention' or a 'contested convention.' Here is what will happen when irresistible farce (Trump) meets immovable idiot (Cruz).
Nut Runs for President

Opinion: Nut Runs for President as 'Unity Candidate'

G on Politics (opinion/satire): Republican Party leaders are on the lookout for a so-called "unity candidate" for president. My friend Nate has selflessly offered himself for the job. I selflessly offered to interview him.
Opinion: Cutthroat Politics

Opinion: Cutthroat Politics at Hillmont Elementary School

G on Politics (opinion): The race for Student Body President of Hillmont Elementary School was contentious. Candidates hurled accusations at each other on a regular basis and every day brought new ugly rumors of vicious whisper-gossip campaign tactics.
It's JEB!

Opinion: It's Jeb! From Those Friendly Folks Who Gave You the Iraq War

G on Politics (opinion): Many are questioning the decision by a current presidential candidate (the one calling itself "Jeb!") to showcase a failed former president (the one known as "W?") in his campaign.
Marco Rubio and the GOP Work Ethic

Opinion: Marco Rubio and the GOP Work Ethic

G on Politics (opinion): Marco Rubio often doesn't show up for work. Instead of a pay cut or a demotion, he has been elevated to competing for the most important job in the world. Imagine how much better your life would be if you could take the same lazy approach to your work.