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Contact California Newswire

Thank you for your interest in California Newswire®, an online magazine and news portal covering business, entertainment and technology in California. This “lifestyle publication” and news service is a unit of Neotrope®, established 1983 in California, USA.

We do not accept telephone calls regarding this publication at this time.

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You may email us at: support\@neotrope\.com (remove \), provided you do NOT query us regarding any of the following:

  • Comments about articles: all comments regarding articles or news items should be referred to the company mentioned in the story and NOT this Website, except as follows:

      At bottom of each story you may post a comment/feedback. Our system requires you to enter your real name with valid e-mail address (your e-mail will NOT be visible online and no link to your e-mail address will be made), and verify you’re a real human by entering an anti-spam word (“captcha”) provided at random.

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  • Link trade/exchanges: we do not accept or support link trades at this time. We will have a California directory search portal coming early 2009 (check back at that time for information regarding submission of business information; do not contact us prior to that system becoming live regarding the directory).
    We are NOT a free news posting site or free wire service.

    We accept news announcements of general interest from California city, and state government offices; as well as California-based 501(c) non-profit charitable organizations which contribute to their communities, provided they are not commercial in nature. There is no guarantee we will read, or use, your news. For guaranteed placement you would need to submit a paid announcement (see next paragraph).

    For events, trade groups, companies, agencies, or other business news, you may submit a news announcement properly formatted to AP style, for a flat fee of $39 with an image or logo (required). Release must be in MS Word format and image must be JPG/TIF/BMP no larger than 2MB in size (we will resize to size/formats needed for our system); maximum of 800 words in length.

    Payment is made via the Neotrope/Send2Press Secure Order System using either a credit card (or PayPal if you want to use your checking account or account balance). Our newswire appears in Google News, search engines, social networks, and ten of the largest news aggregators in the world including Newsbank, ProQuest, LexisNexis, Reuters/Westlaw, Acquire Newsedge, Thomson-Reuters, HTSyndication, Contify, and more.

    OPTIONAL: We do publish news stories we like from the Send2Press® Wire Service ( If you would like your news to appear on this site, you should optionally consider using Send2Press as an additional component of your promotion and PR program(s), and as a way to get your news on this site automatically. Plans start at $49 for placement across our network which generates 10 million page views (not hits) per month, with true Direct-to-Editors™ national media dissemination available. Member BBB.

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We are located in Torrance, California, USA (Los Angeles county). California Newswire® is part of the Neotrope® News Network and is a U.S. registered trademark and service mark of Neotrope. Our company was established in 1983 in Redondo Beach, Calif., by Christopher Laird Simmons. More information: / .

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California Newswire® is a publication of NEOTROPE®, established 1983. California Newswire (CaliforniaNewswire) is a U.S. registered trademark of Neotrope. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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