About California Newswire

About California Newswire

California Newswire® (or “CNW” as we call it around here) is a unique online portal combing a wide variety of original content related to living in the state of California.

This online magazine covers:

  • News about companies, products, people, and services in California
  • Original exclusive articles by California writers covering health and lifestyle, the arts and entertainment, and the wild and the whacky
  • California Newswire will also feature exclusive photo essays by California photographs, showing the best of the state in vivid color images; with the option to purchase selected framed prints, and other items like mugs and T-shirts

    Coming soon: event calendar, music and video from California events, and much more!

View our staff page for information about our editorial team. We’re all professional musicians, working journalists, gear heads, and/or creative gurus across multiple disciplines. This is no personal blog or impersonal mega-portal, but — we hope — will become a regular destination for those who live and breathe, and love, life in California!

We are located in Torrance, California, USA (Los Angeles county). California Newswire is part of the Neotrope® News Network. California Newswire® is a U.S. registered trademark and service mark of Neotrope – all rights reserved. Our company was established in 1983 in Redondo Beach, Calif., by Christopher Laird Simmons, and was formerly known as Mindset (no relation to “Mindset Interactive,” “Mindset Software,” or any other similarly named company).

California Photo Essay - Image (c) Christopher Simmons
Coming soon! The California Photo Essay™ series brings beautiful scenery to life with virtual tours of famous places, California landmarks, and places that no longer exist but are well remembered by those who live and breathe California. Stay tuned!