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Lies, and Trump's GOP

Opinion: Lies, Damn Lies, and Trump’s GOP

G on Politics (OPINION): A pestilence known as Conservatism has control of the Republican Party and it has its perfect candidate in Donald Trump. And while the GOP base prefers to be known as the Party of Stupid, their GOP leaders insist they are the Party of Greed. Sadly, they are both right.
Trump's Rise Reveals America's Fall

Opinion: Trump’s Rise Reveals America’s Fall

G on Politics (OPINION): Evidence of disgusting Trump behavior surfaces every day and most of his supporters seem nonchalant about the data. Some go beyond ignorance by actually embracing Trump's racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. Like Conservatism itself, Trump and his backers are anti-American and anti-humanity.
If Trump's a Genius I'm the Pope

Opinion: If Trump’s a Genius I’m the Pope

G on Politics (OPINION): Based on recent events, it appears that the Conservative movement is an alternative reality that is fueled by greed and the need for multiple wives. In what universe is the loss of a billion dollars evidence of genius? Donald Trump is a scavenger.
Mike Pence is a Dangerous Dunce

Opinion: Mike Pence is a Dangerous Dunce

G on Politics (OPINION): In a just world, here is how the moderator should have dealt with the anti-American campaign's VP candidate, Mike 'The Quiet Hun' Pence. Mike Pence revealed his cowardice at the vice presidential candidates debate by not coming out and admitting he loathes members of the LGBTQ community.
Trump Spokesliar is a Hellish Job

Opinion: Trump Spokesliar is a Hellish Job

G on Politics (OPINION/SATIRE): There are many stressful ways to make a living -- haz-mat team, bomb disposal squad, food-taster for Ann Coulter -- but perhaps the most daunting job in the world is Trump Apologist.
Latino Victory Fund

Latino Victory Fund Statement on Donald Trump Extreme Immigrant Vetting Process

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ -- Donald Trump recently said he will implement a strict, extreme screening process for people who wish to immigrate...
Opinion: Trump Translated

Opinion: Trump Translated – what is the actual meaning of his word-salad rants?

G on Politics (OPINION/satire): Donald Trump, current leader of the Know-Nothing Party, can be described in five words: extremely loud and dangerously gross. When he speaks, phrases are strung together in ways that sometimes resemble English sentences. But what is the actual meaning of his word-salad rants?
Klaatu Talks Trump and Tiny Hands

Opinion: Klaatu Talks Trump and Tiny Hands

G on Politics (Opinion/Satire): Is it possible to get an unbiased opinion of the 2016 presidential race? Yes! We interviewed Klaatu, the character from "Day the Earth Stood Still." The term "hevaltaagu" roughly translates as "American political conservative" or, alternately, "stupid beyond belief."
Eeek, a Trumpenstein Monster!

Opinion: Eeek, a Trumpenstein Monster!

G on Politics (opinion): Now that Donald Trump has emerged as the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party, there are alarm bells going off inside anyone with a soul or an I.Q. above 80. There are so many things to fear.
Teeny Tiny Problem with a Trump Presidency

Opinion: One Teeny Tiny Problem with a Trump Presidency

G on Politics (Opinion): Card-carrying members of the GOP are divided over the idea of backing Donald Trump for president. Some oppose him whole-heartedly. Others support him half-heartedly. Less, even. Eighth-heartedly. Sixteenth-heartedly. And for good reason.