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Opinion: Enemy of the Sheeple

Opinion: Enemy of the Sheeple

G on Politics (OPINION/SATIRE): This bedtime story is a fable about the rise and fall of a modern-day tyrant named Ronald Dumpt. Once upon a time there was a country that tried an experiment called democracy. The country was called Usa (pronounced "OOsah") and it had a population of 320,000,000.
Comedy in the Time of Fascism

Opinion: Comedy in the Time of Fascism

G on Politics (OPINION): The fantasy of performing a comedy club set is something that appeals to a lot of us. So I stepped into the shower, used my back scrubber as a microphone, and tried out some new material.
GOP Anti-American Agenda

Opinion: Welcome to Trump’s New World Order with GOP Anti-American Agenda

G on Politics (OPINION/SATIRE): Racists and greedmongers keep getting elected thanks to the moron base of the Republican Party. What does this mean for normal, sane people? Here is a sneak peek at the GOP agenda for America.
A Vote for the GOP is a Vote Against America

Opinion: A Vote for the GOP is a Vote Against America

G on Politics (OPINION): Many Americans seem unaware of the actual stakes in the 2016 election -- the Greedy Obstructionist Party is promising trade embargoes, Radical Christian Terrorism, increased war on women, and actual shooting wars. All in all, the ascendancy of Conservatism is a sharp and current threat to us all.
Trump's Rise Reveals America's Fall

Opinion: Trump’s Rise Reveals America’s Fall

G on Politics (OPINION): Evidence of disgusting Trump behavior surfaces every day and most of his supporters seem nonchalant about the data. Some go beyond ignorance by actually embracing Trump's racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. Like Conservatism itself, Trump and his backers are anti-American and anti-humanity.
If Trump's a Genius I'm the Pope

Opinion: If Trump’s a Genius I’m the Pope

G on Politics (OPINION): Based on recent events, it appears that the Conservative movement is an alternative reality that is fueled by greed and the need for multiple wives. In what universe is the loss of a billion dollars evidence of genius? Donald Trump is a scavenger.
Buying Trump Support on RWNJ Radio

Opinion: Buying Trump Support on RWNJ Radio

G on Politics (OPINION): There are RWNJ radio bloviators who called for the GOP to rewrite their convention rules in order to rid the party of The Donald -- but then suddenly jumped aboard the Trump trainwreck. What gives?