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ATLANTA, Ga., Jun 17, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Atlanta businessman, personal coach and author, Khigh Shotwell, founder of Puppetless World, has revealed the formula for his success in his debut book, “The Game is to be Sold, Not Told” (ISBN: 978-1734711400).

“The Game is to be Sold, Not Told” is a dynamic resource that teaches the art of programming as it relates to the human mind alongside valuable tools and techniques that one can utilize to take control of his/her life. But that’s not all. The guiding principles shared by the author offers a glimpse into the spiritual world and how to harness the power of the mind to create the life desired.

Shotwell is a true testament to the authenticity of his philosophy that one can achieve anything with the right mindset. He went from being a child raised in a good environment to becoming a thug who was imprisoned for multiple felony convictions. His life took a turn for the better when he began to understand the power of the mindset coupled with good work ethics.

Today, Shotwell is the proud owner of a fragrance company called 6th Scents Work and the Founder of Puppetless World – a spiritual entity focused on the spiritual development for the purposes of influencing the physical reality. He is also an avid traveler who takes several international and domestic vacations every year with his family.

“The Game is to be Sold, Not Told” is Shotwell’s debut book; however, the clarity, authority and depth of his writing gives no indication to his experience.

“I want to show how the human Mindset has been influenced and programmed by the hierarchy (Puppet Masters) to think and behave in certain ways,” says Shotwell. “I wanted to show that with the proper understanding of how the mind works as it relates to its environment and universe that most people can create the reality that they want to live in.”

In a pre-release of the book, one reader said: “There are many books that discuss the Law of Attraction but not many take the perspective of breaking it down and showing how it relates to people of color. This book is comprehensive, and readers will be inspired by the guiding principles to improve their lives.”

The concepts introduced in Shotwell’s book are easy to understand and will resonate with the Average Joe dreaming of success but limited by his present circumstances and resources.

“The Game is to be Sold, Not Told” is available in paperback format for a retail price of $20.

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