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Opinion: Heavens to Betsy! (Dissecting DeVos and Other Conservative Detritus)

G on Politics (OPINION): In which we examine the odious delusions, bigotry, and anti-American schemes of conservatards. Conservatives are apparently rotten to the marrow of their bones. How else to account for the hordes of uneducated, unwashed, unthinking goobers who flock to the Klan rallies held by Dummy Donny and his Rethuglican Party?
Conservatives Say the Darnedest Things

Opinion: Conservatives Say the Darnedest Things

G on Politics (OPINION): As conservative congress-critters hide from their constituents to avoid answering tough questions about the GOP's anti-American policies, RWNJs of all shapes and sizes are spreading disinformation, deceits, deceptions, and outright lies.