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BOSTON, Mass., Dec 08, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — NOUFLEX LLC today announced the launch of its NouFlex Training System products, Virtual Group Workout Classes and Virtual Personal Training Sessions. These offerings bring boutique-style fitness training into your home, eliminating the need for bulky, room-eating and costly home gym equipment.

The NouFlex Training System features a sleek fitness baseboard, attachable strength bands, and other accessories that enable you to perform more than 200 low-impact exercises in a compact home space. It’s a strength, toning and stretching fitness product-a portable unit that fits easily in a bedroom, family room or home office. The full Training System is $249 and includes 2 complimentary personal training sessions.

While many NouFlex Training System owners will be happy to work out on their own, NouFlex also recognizes that most people want motivation, encouragement and human interaction. NouFlex Virtual Group Workout Classes and Virtual Personal Training Sessions address those needs. All NouFlex trainers are both nationally- and NouFlex-certified, and know how to integrate NouFlex with other training techniques. NouFlex chooses its trainers based on their qualifications and ability to motivate, encourage, and make working out enjoyable.

NouFlex also offers the NouFlex App (IOS and Android). The app provides videos of all strength, toning and stretching exercises, and includes a list of pre-programmed workouts that are easy to follow along. A NouFlex personal trainer can also be assigned to program your workouts on the app, coupling customized training with individualized attention. The app is free for the first 3 months and then costs $4.99 per month.

“I created NouFlex to bring the boutique gym experience into your home,” says NouFlex creator and CEO, Anel Bellevue. “Fitness is not a way of life, but a way of being, and NouFlex brings high-quality, fun and affordable exercise options to all. Our products and services focus on building a better body, preventing injury and promoting a lifetime of both physical and mental health.”

With the pandemic keeping people away from gyms, NouFlex’s fitness products and virtual group and personal training allow each person to select the programs and trainers most suited to his or her aesthetic and health goals.

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About NouFlex:

NOUFLEX LLC is a Boston-based fitness company whose mission is to bring the fun, style and benefits of a boutique gym experience into your home without breaking the bank. Developed by founder and CEO Anel Bellevue, a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist with a B.S. in Exercise Kinesiology, NouFlex is the result of his years of personal training experience, scientific knowledge and passion to help fitness enthusiasts do more with less.



Caption: The NouFlex Training System is being used for a Squat to Overhead Press – a total-body exercise.


Caption: NouFlex’s door attachment and strength bands are being used for a NouFlex Squat Row.

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