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GREEN BAY, Wis., Aug 21, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Poor people are poor because they choose to be poor, says ‘professional plaintiff’ turned children’s book author Cory Groshek, who is also the founder of personal growth and development brand Manifestation Machine.

It isn’t that Groshek doesn’t like poor people; he just doesn’t want to be one of them. And he doesn’t want your children to be one of them, either, which is why he published his debut, middle-grade fiction book, “Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series” (ISBN: 978-1946029003), in late 2016, as a means of teaching children and their parents about what he calls “the success-oriented mindset we all need to achieve financial freedom.”

Groshek, who became infamous in June 2016, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran what he calls “a defamatory hit-piece” on him entitled “‘Professional plaintiff’ uses credit law to threaten companies, win $230,000 in settlements,” has, by his own admission, earned nearly three quarters of a million dollars to date – far more than has previously been reported-through private legal settlements with almost 50 American companies over what he calls their “willful violations of their job applicants’ and employees’ rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act” (known as the FCRA, for short). Accordingly, he believes that he is uniquely qualified to dispense advice to others with regards to their financial futures.

“I didn’t earn all of this settlement money by accident. I earned it, despite me not being an attorney and having no legal background or negotiating experience to speak of, for one reason and one reason only: I know how to create my own reality,” says Groshek. “And with God as my witness, I am going to teach everyone with ears to hear to do the same, because the last thing I want is to see our kids growing up to become what I was just a little over three years ago.”

A little over three years ago, Groshek says he was “30, going on 31 years old,” living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in a dead-end, customer service call center job, sleeping on his retired father’s couch, and in over $10,000 of credit card debt.

But now, he is financially independent, the owner of his own business (Manifestation Machine), living in a paid-off house, and completely debt-free, thanks to what he calls “the four C’s of success,” his personal process for manifesting what he calls “a life worth dying for”-a process which is embodied in his children’s book and which he hopes to soon “bring to the masses” via a soon-to-be-released series of “metaphysical self-help books” and seminars geared toward helping adults become successful.

“As much as it may pain the general population for me to say this, the truth is, poor people are poor because they choose to be poor, just like I’m financially independent because it’s what I choose to be,” Groshek says. “When most people wake up every day, they focus not on what they want, but on what they don’t want, or, in other words, they make their decisions based on fear, rather than on faith, and it’s for that reason that they attract more and more of what they don’t want into their lives, as opposed to what they do want.

“But through my book and my brand, I can and I will change that, even if it means rubbing a lot of people ‘the wrong way’, because I’m here to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, which is the truth-even if it hurts.”

“Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series,” which follows two young bunnies, Remy and Rhea, as they attempt to escape their impoverished, North-Korea-like village of Rabylon for the promise of abundance and prosperity that lies just on the other side of a big, green hill, is available now as a Kindle e-book, Audible audio book, and in paperback.

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