BOOK: Beyond the Wheat Field - The Life-After-Life of Steve Jobs

DENVER, Colo., Aug 24, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tech alchemist, showman, and visionary Steve Jobs set the world on fire with his insight and involvement with some of the world’s greatest advancements in personal computer technology. A new book by Katherine Talley and Joy Lawrance recounts spiritual dialogues that Talley has had with Jobs since his passing.

His life was filled with accomplishments, and he was known as a very complex individual – impatient, demanding, impulsive, and considered to be insensitive, and prone to confrontational tantrums. Controversy followed home throughout his life, and now seems to continue after his physical death as well.

A kindred spirit, Katherine kept a detailed record of the dialogues she has had over the years with the spirit of Steve Jobs, as he came to realize that he was indeed physically dead, and his experience since.

Professional writer Joy Lawrance was allowed to view the journals and became intrigued with the idea of publishing them. Partnering for the project, their new book “Beyond the Wheat Field” (ISBN: 978-1982268169), provides a heartbreaking and magical account of years of spiritual communications with the legendary Steve Jobs.

The vibrant energy and drive that carried him through his tumultuous life, continues after death as he speaks to Katherine with brutal honesty, and examines his prior life experience of triumphs and catastrophes. Disbelief, rage, frustration – the reader is given the unique view of how he progresses through these stages, agonizing over his inability to complete the balance of his personal life, and his corporate obsessions. He finds a new voice in talking with Katherine, someone who “gets him,” someone he feels he can talk to on all levels.

This beautifully illustrated book compiles the conversations that commenced and documents a new look into the psyche of one of the world’s most controversial and influential Tech giants. The book includes several interactive links, QR codes, and challenges posed to the reader to continue forward thinking discussions, discover new insights, as directed by the inspirational icon – his last famous “One More Thing.” Experience the passion, and emotional whirlwind as a spirit reaches from beyond, and finally has an eventual acceptance, and even repentance over past actions in life.

About Katherine (Kat) Talley

Katherine Talley is an entrepreneur in the field of electrical engineering. She has a keen interest in all things technical, and with her business and life partner, brings essential public safety products to the market. She is also adept at picking up on non-measurable energy – the energy of the spirit.

About Joy Lawrance

Joy Lawrance is a classical pianist, teacher and mentor, as well as a freelance writer, and travel advisor. She continues to explore spirituality and belief systems around the world to further understand the inter-connectedness of people and nature in the universe.

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