Where Did Regulus Go?

CHICAGO, Ill., Sep 30, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aaron Ozee, author of notable children’s book, “Regulus” (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has partnered with independent aviation consultants to send a printed copy of his esteemed parable into the mythical depth of the Bermuda Triangle.

With the first notorious disappearances beginning during the early 17th Century, there have been more than one thousand reported cases of vehicles designed for traveling on water or through air vanishing without reasonable cause. Despite researchers or scientists developing ways to debunk the legend that has encompassed the Bermuda Triangle, an excess of evidence has emerged from the recent deliverance of “Regulus” unto the abnormal region of watery riddles.

Launched on the coast of the Florida Keys, the printed copy of “Regulus” was fastened upon a quality commercial drone that was guided remotely into the elusive zone by an expert team of operators. Following a successful launch from the Florida Keys around 6:30 AM ET on September 20, the operators had reported signal interference of the live video being transmitted after traveling five miles from the shore.

Once interference with the live video became worse, the operators changed the settings of the drone to boost the signal, and twenty minutes following the original report of interference, an unexpected challenge arose when the streaming feed was terminated around 6:50 a.m. ET. As the live video ceased streaming, the global positioning system became conflicted as coordinate pings were paused absent warning.

Being prepared for this potential scenario, the operators brought an extra drone that was used to search the area where the first drone carrying “Regulus” broadcasted notices of aeronautical failure. After investigating the coordinates of the final location of the first drone, the operators were unable to determine the position of the vehicle or spot any fresh debris.

“Learning about different vehicles that have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle working my way through school placed that sense of wonder in my thoughts. Witnessing the feats ‘Regulus’ has achieved while visiting the most extreme places on Earth gave me the inspiration necessary for sending my revered creation somewhere cloaked with the unknown. Even though it was the goal of this project to capture pictures or video during the flight, something far rarer came from this historical attempt,” said Ozee during the announcement of this venture.

“Regulus” became the First Children’s Book Lost To Bermuda Triangle, the First American Children’s Book Lost To Bermuda Triangle, and the First Self-Published Book Lost To Bermuda Triangle. Everyone has been holding their breath with anticipation for what Ozee has on the block to proclaim next.

Copies of “Regulus” can be purchased from or mainstream outlets.

News Source: Aaron Ozee

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