Book: A Light Amongst the Stars

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia, Oct 20, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A message of hope coming through the veil from those who have passed over, and from the Divine Spirit who is guiding us into this new future. In Dr. Mark W. Burns’ current book, “A Light Amongst the Stars” (ISBN: 978-0228893684; July, 2023), he questions: What if humanity has passed an important milestone and the message of doom, proposed by so many for so long, is now wrong?

What if humanity is now heading for an amazing and harmonious outcome where war will have no place? And what if we are far more powerful than we think and that we have a part of God within us that has helped us create this future?

Around the world, mediums such as Amelia and those channeling high vibration Light Beings are getting the same message: there is hope and the light will win over darkness!

“This book is about the hope and the power that each of us possesses and it’s about the ability of each of us to change ourselves and the world around us,” says Burns. “But more than anything else it’s about the beauty of the soul’s journey and the power of love. We are not victims but rather powerful participants in the game of life and we all have a part of the Divine within us that empowers us to achieve amazing outcomes in our individual lives.”

Author Dr. Mark W. Burns has a degree in forestry with first-class honors, a Master of Resource Science post-graduate degree and a PhD. His career has been mainly focused on land rehabilitation, and particularly reforestation of land damaged by mining and other destructive land uses.

During his life Mark has been fascinated by psychics and mediums and particularly those who provide compassion and love to those going through difficult times. This story highlights his encounter with one such psychic medium and the powerful messages being passed on to humanity through her.

“A Light Amongst the Stars” is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $18.99) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Author: Dr. Mark W. Burns

Email: drmarkburnsauthor[@]


Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spiritualism

Released: JULY, 2023

PAPERBACK: ISBN-13: 9780228893684

HARDCOVER: ISBN-13: 9780228893691

EBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228893707

Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( ).

News Source: Dr. Mark W. Burns

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