ENCINO, Calif. — In December 2007,, a premier online personal medication list management system, launched a comprehensive personal health records system – MedSort Health(TM) – which empowers consumers and patients to take control of their health records. Since January 2007, has been helping patients to create and manage their medication and allergy list online. Any changes or updates made online are automatically sent to patient physicians. This new addition, MedSort Health(TM), adds a whole new level to patient healthcare management.

MedSort Health(TM) allows consumers and patients to store a comprehensive online health record; keep a health journal; track and graph lab results; check medication interactions; and communicate this information to physicians via an interactive Web link.

MedSort With the push towards electronic health records (EHR), more and more physician offices are designing paperless offices. For example, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are applications used by physicians and other healthcare providers to keep electronic versions of patient health records. It facilitates communication among different healthcare providers and organizations.

Parallel to this, Personal Health Records (PHR) have been developed for patients. They give the patient more control over personal health information.

Using MedSort Health(TM), not only do patients control information, they control who has access to it. While physicians can be given access to update this information, the patient has the final say on the content. This link between the physician and the patient helps to more accurately reflect patient health data and to reduce medical errors.

Prior to the release of MedSort Health(TM), users have been creating complete medication and allergy lists using a comprehensive database of medications. For example, the system presents the patient with available dosages and forms of medications such as tablets, solutions, and eye drops. Based on the selected item, it then provides the patient with appropriate options and usage directions.

While reducing error potential, the resulting list is presented in a format that can be used by physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies, to generate prescriptions or to be saved as part of the patient’s medication-list record. An automatic fax feature will fax an updated medication list to patient-designated physicians.

Using a similar comprehensive disease database, MedSort Health(TM) enables patients to also create a diagnoses and symptoms list, as well as store other vital health data such as blood type, immunization records, emergency contact, insurance information, hospitalization records, pharmacies, and more. In addition, they can store and track imaging studies and procedure lists.

Users of MedSort Health(TM) find the Health Journal feature useful. Daily health journal entries allow patients to keep track of their symptoms, doctor discussions, or any other health-related information. This information will never get lost and is accessible through the Internet, during an emergency, via a secure Emergency Access Code that is provided to the patient when they register. has taken great care to ensure user privacy and data security. No one has access to the patient’s data unless the patient provides explicit permission. Permission is granted to physicians if the physician is registered with MedSort(TM) and the patient has selected them as one of their physicians. All physician members’ credentials are verified before they gain access to patient information.

As an additional security feature, the site uses encryption and other safeguards to protect against unauthorized access. Emergency Access Codes can be easily re-issued if lost or stolen.

For more information about MedSort’s services, or to register for a free account, visit

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