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MELBOURNE, Australia, Jun 01, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “What Do You Even Do With A Baby? A Parent’s First Year” (ISBN: 978-0228869689) is a book aiming to demystify parenting so people can make well-informed decisions about becoming one. Authors Sarah and James Dunham struggled with the lack of a clear picture of what life would be like on the other side of the umbilical cord. “It doesn’t get talked about openly.”

They found people would touch on hot topics of parenting in conversation, but wouldn’t elaborate. There were things the authors wanted to ask new parents, but it seemed socially unacceptable to ask, so their questions went unanswered.

The idea of the book is so that people wouldn’t have to ask questions, they’d just tell them. How is parenting so hard and so amazing at the same time? What happens to your relationship and sex life? What happens in the delivery room? What’s the issue with sleep?

The authors also kept track of things like how many diapers we changed and how many hours were spent on breastfeeding to provide some tangible understanding of how a new parents day is spent.

“When I got pregnant, my husband and I thought we should read some pregnancy books. We found they were either very clinical, or they were autobiographical with anecdotes about being a parent. None of them just said it how it is. We wanted to know what you go through in layman’s terms, we wanted to know how you actually spend your day with a baby,” said Sarah Dunham.

“What Do You Even Do With A Baby? A Parent’s First Year” (Tellwell Publishing, April 2022), is hoping to start real conversations about what parents go through and give people who are pregnant a more realistic (and gentle) idea of what to expect. Delivered in an amusing tone, it will give people who are unsure if they should have kids an easy avenue to explore their options. They will at least have some elaboration on the amazing aspects of parenting and the more difficult ones.

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“What Do You Even Do With A Baby? A Parent’s First Year” is out now from Tellwell Publishing and is available through Amazon and other online retailers.

Review copies of “What Do You Even Do With A Baby? A Parent’s First Year” are available upon request.

Sarah and James Dunham are available for interviews and commentary.

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