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Anne is a free-lance writer and editor. She most recently worked as content editor for a book written by a retired Pentecostal pastor's wife. During her lifetime, she has worked as a nurse's aide, waitress, office manager, marriage counselor, free-lance ghost writer, and house wife. She was married for 46 years before being widowed 10 years ago. She has two sons and currently resides in the high desert of Southern California. As hobbies she likes to make her own clothes, craft and repair costume jewelry, quilt, and prepare gourmet meals for her wide circle of friends. She also mentors younger adults who are troubled and in a transitional period in their lives. She's a wicked canasta player and loves to play partners with her 90 and 80 year old friends. Anne is currently in her early 70s.
Growing Older

Senior Moments: Growing Older in a Youth-Oriented Society

LIFESTYLE: At what point are you Old? Is it 50, 60, or maybe 90? And who decides that you are Old? Society, your children, your Doctor or yourself? And what kind of old are we talking about? Body age? Emotional age? Brain age? Generational age? Experiential age? Is it age or maturity?