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NEW YORK, N.Y., Sep 05, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Wealthston Publishing has released a 38-page photo book, “The Blondness of Blond” (ISBN: 978-1646697687), that includes the work of a law/commerce student Bria Catton, who is in her second year of law school. She is a writer who writes about legal systems and the economy. She likes reading about the universe and people.

The photo book is comprised of 24 photos. It is about when an intelligent woman studying for a law/commerce degree takes 24 photos. She starts a dialogue for what intelligence and what beauty can be. Could it be permanent or everlasting?

The book has to be seen to be fully comprehended and understood. It was meant for the inquisitive, intelligent and comprehending eyes of its readers. It is something to think about for time to come. It will make us think about existence. How we come to be and where we are going. It will be something for a happy, full appreciation of life. Bria has written it with much consideration.

The book has 24 black and white photos. They are portraits of persons that capture what the eye can see. It is in the form of a photo essay, with writings from the author. She writes about her work appreciatively.

The book is available as a hardcover through Amazon. It is also available as an ebook through Kobo.

The reason the book was published was Wealthston Publishing wanted to put out an idea of existence; of what could possibly happen in time. A moment and many moments. How we are made up of time, and where we are going as time builds up. We live in a world where we live and breathe knowledge. What we do with it is our future.

Bria can be reached at or Instagram @cattonofficial

Wealthston Publishing is a subsidiary publishing title, under the parent company Trillia Pty Ltd.

Reader Comments:
“A beautiful book.”

“A stunning set of photos made to be illustrative of what the eyes sees. An astonishing achievement.”

“Something to think about and to be thought of for times to come.”

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