Bioenergy partners launch first urban zero waste regenerative organic carbon neutral food production system

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Erik Cutter, President and CEO of Alegría Fresh and Jan Allen, President and CEO of Impact Bioenergy are proud to announce the development of the Alegría Farmacy food production system. The Alegría Farmacy is an integrated zero waste regenerative organic carbon neutral urban microfarm system that provides a front-line defense against food supply disruptions, such as those currently being experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alegria Fresh - Growspan
Mobile, scalable and cost effective, the Farmacy integrates existing carbon management and off-grid energy production technologies to deliver superior quality greens, vegetables and herbs within the urban envelope where people live and work.

According to Erik Cutter, “By integrating our SoxxBoxx Gro System, the Impact Bioenergy 7.7 kW micro-anaerobic digester, GrowSpan’s CEA greenhouse, advanced water filtration, plus a 10kW solar array and Simpliphi Power’s energy storage system, we have created the first modular zero waste, regenerative organic, carbon neutral food production system that can be deployed over man-made surfaces off-grid anywhere, anytime. This represents a dramatic shift in conventional agriculture by decentralizing food production to deliver healing food within the densely populated urban environment while mitigating climate change and creating green jobs at the same time. Food security and community resilience are dramatically enhanced.”

Jan Allen adds, “Alegría’s modular regenerative food / energy solutions are a perfect fit with Impact Bioenergy’s modular bioenergy and plant food solutions. Together we form a game-changing distributed community-scale energy system. We merge our anaerobic digester platform into Alegría’s high-performance cultivation (regenerative food/energy/water) by converting food waste into onsite renewable energy and probiotic, toxin-free organic soil amendments. Rarely does an opportunity come along that can positively touch on energy, water, air, soil, food, jobs, and education simultaneously. This one does.”

About Alegría Fresh

Laguna Beach, California-based Alegría Fresh designs and builds zero-waste, solar-powered regenerative organic microfarms employing high-yield soil-based growing systems featuring our SoxxBoxx system deployed within the Alegría Farmacy. Our high-performance urban farms repurpose unused spaces and can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. We call it “tractorless” urban farming. Our premium organic AlegriaLivingSoil results in superior nutrient dense vegetables, salad greens, fruit, flowers and medicinal herbs.

Alegría’s rich soil biology guarantees that your locally grown produce is of the highest quality and requires no toxic pesticides. To maximize healing properties and provide critical immune support, our systems provide access to heart healthy produce that can be harvested and consumed within one hour, assuring you receive optimum phytoactivity and flavor, texture and nutrition density while reducing the environmental impact from inferior produce transported across continents.

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About Impact Bioenergy

Auburn, Washington-based Impact Bioenergy manufactures portable zero waste bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and biofertilizer. We convert food waste and other organic wastes to energy and plant food, creating value in job creation, renewable energy production, carbon sequestration, and urban agriculture. Our HORSE technology delivers on all the sustainability metrics: financial, environmental, and social benefits. The capacity of a single system ranges from 960 to 57,000 lbs. per week of organic waste materials. We help farmers, businesses, communities and governments build resilient food ecosystems. Impact partnered with advanced manufacturing companies in a way that allows us to deploy our micro-digesters to operate successfully in a wide variety of urban settings. The odor control and clean modular design is adaptable to a broad range of architectural situations. Our philosophy has always been to use biomimicry of Nature in an inspiring and meaningful way. Learn more at:

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