A Bleeding Sky Wins Push Global Entertainment’s 2021 Listening Party

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Sep 08, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Push Global Entertainment is proud to have hosted “2021 Listening Party Las Vegas” a music performance competition in Las Vegas, Nevada that saw some of the brightest Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B rising stars compete for major label distribution and a marketing budget.

Almost two dozen contestants flew in from around the globe and the winner won a distribution deal with Push Global Entertainment LLC currently distributed by a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and a radio and PR campaign.

Endele Wilson, frontman for the group explains “This has been a long yet ‘timeless’ effort for us. We could never even tell you how many years we’ve been at this together because the days and nights have run together seamlessly. We do know it is not the numbers that matter but the quality of the moments and the beautiful music that comes out of the moments gathered…we are so proud of what we have created and continue to create.”

Positive and always forward thinking the group “looks every hard to swallow moment as a lesson and the soft ones as the rewards we have been offered for our commitment to our art and each other,” Wilson asserts. In regards to advice to aspiring artists, the singer songwriter continues, “Our best advice as a collective is do not fake ANY of this and ALWAYS push yourself…you can always do more. Be humble and appreciate everything, in both life and music and the music life.”

Currently charting #162 on the iTunes Pop Song Charts, the grounded Wilson explains success as, “Being extremely happy with what you have done, what you have thought up, what you have created…to admire your art and yourself like one would admire someone on television or a movie but you yourself deserve it more because you have found a way to create happiness for yourself and quite possibly others…quite possibly many others.”

What comes next for the super trio from Long Beach, California?

Wilson explains, “All of our dreams will continue to come true as we pray for them and accept them. We are cutting out our own statue and pouring the foundation for it. We will accept help and we will challenge ourselves to as a whole make a dramatic and drastic shift on the world of music. The time for us to elevate and share that elevation has come.”

Follow the movement on Facebook, Instagram and you can also reach “A Bleeding Sky” on their email address: IAMSKYLEEVAGUE@GMAIL.COM. Stay tuned on social media for a new label created by the band to support their music.

News Source: Push Global Entertainment

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