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LONDON, U.K., Sep 19, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Whilst having a potential WhatsApp addiction might not seem to be a big issue, stopping to think about how often you use the app might alert you to just how much of your day is spent: checking, messaging and uploading media through WhatsApp. Dr.Fone have devised a clever test which asks a variety of questions about a person’s WhatsApp use. The answers are very specific so feedback at the end of the test can tell users exactly how ‘addicted’ they might be to the app.

Dr.Fone have displayed a list of other signs of WhatsApp addiction on their website. Side-effects might include: wrist and finger joint pain (possibly leading to more sinister conditions); lack of concentration and thus distraction from real life activities; social anxiety and a relinquishing social life. Whilst a few of these symptoms might be taken light-heartedly, they could actually lead to an individual having serious health problems, both physically and mentally; so whilst taking a WhatsApp addiction test might seem like a bit of fun, it could be the wake-up call some users need in order to get their priorities in check.

After completing the online WhatsApp addiction quiz on the Dr.Fone website, web visitors can then benefit from reading Dr.Fone’s list of 8 ways to overcome a WhatsApp addiction. The support could help even moderate users in developing a healthier relationship with the app. Besides suggestions such as uninstalling WhatsApp, the list of 8 offers some really useful suggestions about how an individual can keep on using the app without continuing to have a dependence on it. One suggestion is that users disable notifications so that they can check messages on their own time, without feeling pressure to reply instantly. Setting aside a schedule for usage is another one of Dr.Fone’s helpful suggestions as it means that an individual isn’t thinking about WhatsApp when it’s not appropriate or necessary to do so.

Experts at Dr.Fone are keen to offer support and advice to their web visitors by giving a list of hints and tips about how to use WhatsApp most effectively and efficiently, leaving users time and energy to enjoy daily life. These hints offer details such as: what the various WhatsApp ‘ticks’ actually mean, how to backup messages and media and how to manage WhatsApp groups efficiently. In essence their message to users is this: use and enjoy WhatsApp to the fullest but don’t let it take over your life.

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