SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Unicheck, a versatile plagiarism and cheating prevention solution that helps educators worldwide create well-educated students, announced the launch of their advanced digital cheating detection, which spots intricate, tech-enabled cheating endeavors.

UNICHECK cheating check technology
“The future of education is personalized. The rise of online universities and corporate colleges, freedom to demonstrate knowledge in every possible way are only a few manifestations. We want educators to foster this change and become the guardians of authentic student mindsets,” says Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck.

“Advanced cheating detection arms educators with a toolkit for data-driven decisions. Now they have grounds for discussing learning challenges with the students and therefore, adjust learning programs to help them acquire and demonstrate knowledge in the most suitable form.”

He adds, “As a result, educators complete their mission to make students well-educated, and learners are achieving the quality knowledge needed to become an accomplished professional.”

The newly released cheating detection feature serves two main goals:

* Simplifying educators’ workflow with zero added work – the scanning process launches automatically with the rest of the Unicheck suite and provides a comprehensive report to instructors right where they grade submissions.

* Facilitating quality education development – instructors receive much-needed help in identifying students who experience learning challenges, and thus, accomplish their mission of fostering a highly competent future workforce.

What does cheating detection actually find?

* Character replacement tricks – when letters are substituted for the similar-looking ones taken from other alphabets.

* Causes of visual mismatch – all sorts of techniques that lead to discrepancies between visual and digital representations of the text, like micro-spacing and screenshots with borrowed text.

Why it is important?

According to Unicheck’s data, the average of 6.7% of all scanned submissions across the US in 2019 contained various forms of digital cheating including character replacement tricks, micro-spacing, and images instead of text.

How it works:

Students who decide to resort to academic dishonesty, have a few options: borrowing materials from the Internet or other students, ordering work from a paper mill – which costs a small fortune these days – or applying diverse technical methods of cheating.

The latter cases are automatically located by the Unicheck’s cheating detection. When a student submits a paper, the system identifies text similarities and compares the layout that’s visible to an instructor with the actual formatting. If some discrepancies are found, the instructor will see a notification with the details and a recommendation to further investigate the work. This tool allows instructors to focus on difficult learners first and help them thrive.

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Unicheck is a technology company that builds innovative software in the field of education and academic integrity. This plagiarism and cheating prevention cloud solution provides the highest uptime on the market at 99.9%. With the focus on instructors, students, and LMS administrators, Unicheck doesn’t interrupt native workflows.

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