JabberTar turns every email to a team-building opportunity

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug 30, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Scottsdale startup JabberYak introduces the first of its kind Team Building Email Signature for corporations and companies that are experiencing challenges with building cohesive teams in remote, hybrid or in-person work models.

“At JabberYak, we are developing new solutions to solve for team building challenges of the new remote, hybrid and in-person work models. Our products are built on our patent-pending ‘7 degrees of interest’ technology, which enables employees to learn something interesting about each other,” says, JabberYak co-founder, Shideh Doerr.

Many employees have been working from home and mostly interact with team members by ZOOM calls and messaging apps. Although workers have started to transition to a hybrid model, there is still a lingering feeling of disconnect and detachment from team members, co-workers and even the company. Employees are missing those shared experiences that create connections and form a bond that goes beyond work.

So how do you create an environment where people once again feel that connection and relationship with coworkers? You reintroduce your teams and get them talking!

By enabling employees to select their top 7 personal interests that give insight into who they are, JabberYak technology turns employee emails to a team building tool. Employee selects 7 interests from a larger list that includes, sports, activities, hobbies, food, arts, adventures and more. JabberYak’s platform, then, creates a customized email signature that includes employee’s 7 interests along with the picture, name, title, phone number and other professional information. This stylish email signature is the ultimate conversation starter and gets your employees and customers build connections based on common interests.

“Your employees send hundreds of emails every month. And every email is an opportunity for your teams to connect, bond and learn something interesting about each other,” says, Co-Founder and CEO, Gail Levinthal.

JabberYak’s Data Analytics dashboard helps companies understand what activities are valued by the team members and what appreciation perks and incentives should be offered to individual employees.

JabberYak’s other team-building products include customized Office Name Plates, T-Shirts, event badges, name tags, designed to ignite meaningful communication.

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