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NEW YORK, N.Y., Apr 03, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new market study by Thintri, Inc., shows how minor metals, having endured a period of slack demand for many commodities, are now facing a brighter future with improving markets. In some cases the metals face rapid growth in demand in some of today’s hottest markets while others will track the overall economy, and a few will see declining demand.

“Minor” metals are anything but. Many are critical materials in aerospace, defense, electronics, photonics and telecommunications, medicine and general industry. Like any large, diverse group of materials, their properties, applications and market opportunities vary widely.

Minor metals are generally defined as those metals that are not sourced directly but rather occur as byproducts of sourcing base metals.

The Thintri study covers the minor metals excluding rare earths, precious metals and platinum group metals:
* Antimony
* Arsenic
* Beryllium
* Bismuth
* Cadmium
* Chromium
* Cobalt
* Gallium
* Germanium
* Hafnium
* Indium
* Lithium
* Magnesium
* Manganese
* Mercury
* Molybdenum
* Niobium
* Selenium
* Silicon
* Tantalum
* Tellurium
* Titanium
* Tungsten
* Vanadium
* Zirconium

Some minor metals, such as chromium, magnesium, titanium and tungsten, are critical constituents in heavy industry, while others, such as indium and cobalt, are fueling today’s hottest markets. A few, including mercury and arsenic, face steadily declining markets and increased legislative restriction due to their toxicity.

For each minor metal, the Thintri study discusses sourcing and production; health, safety and nutrition issues; applications; and market analysis, including market volume and pricing forecasts going out to 2024.

About Thintri, Inc.:
Founded in 1996, Thintri, Inc. (, is a full-service consulting firm, based in New York and directed by J. Scott Moore, Ph.D.

Thintri’s services include business intelligence, market research, technology transfer and technology assessment, and in-depth, off-the-shelf market studies on promising emerging technologies. Topics of focus have included medical and industrial imaging, optical networks, materials and coatings, semiconductor devices, manufacturing, industrial logistics, security, thermal management, energy, and a host of others.

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