LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The Everest Foundation is thrilled to announce that Raj Ramsamooj, M.D. has joined its team as Director of Graduate Medical Education Operations. Dr. Ramsamooj is a genuine leader in graduate medical education (GME) and a practicing transplant pathologist. He’s a University of Minnesota School of Medicine graduate and did his post-graduate training at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Raj Ramsamooj, M.D.
He started his career as one of the youngest professors at UC Davis School of Medicine and while there became the vice chair and program director for the Department of Pathology Residency Training Program. He’s clearly dedicated his professional life to academic medicine.

“We specifically created this position for Dr. Ramsamooj,” Agata Everest, the foundation’s chair, says. “And, we’re so excited about how well his breadth of practical experiences and knowledge match with our mission statement.”

With multiple published research papers under his belt, and as a holder of medical patents, Dr. Ramsamooj has the professional savvy to oversee and grow The Everest Foundation’s ambitious research initiatives which are spread to medical schools from east to west.

“His academic insight will ensure the continued growth of the foundation’s Everest Scholars program too,” Everest adds. “His innovative and respected initiatives have helped medical school students and graduates, worldwide, to develop footing in research laboratories as well as some of the top U.S. schools of medicine.

Everest Scholars who have applied themselves have received merits and awards, research funding and medical residency training spots in teaching hospitals.

About The Everest Foundation:

The Everest Foundation is a Los Angeles-based, non-profit organization grounded in the vision and innovation of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest and his impact on the medical community. It strives to change the future of medicine by instituting several global initiatives such as research, GME and venture philanthropy.

It helps underserved communities around the world by placing its resident physicians in places that need direct medical care. With the rapid advancement of medical technology, it’s critical to be on the cutting-edge of medical innovation and to use these advances to change the world.

The Everest Foundation has committed, and continues to commit, millions of dollars to meet the funding needs of innovative research initiatives, medical resident placement and support to underserved communities.

Carrying on the tradition of care, compassion and hope for the future of medicine, The Everest Foundation strives to be “Part of the Cure.”

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