LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Barbara Bickham is the wizard behind the curtain and is creating digital media magic at TechGenii, Inc. And, as a result, Entrepreneur Magazine recently recognized her as an expert in the field of digital media. Entrepreneur Magazine picks the nation’s top 25 influencers – individuals, groups or trends – that they believe will have substantial impact on business owners in the coming year.

In a special section of Entrepreneur Magazine, “The Influencers,” Bickham was asked, along with 25 other influencers, about what forces they predict will affect their business in the coming year. Bickham was asked to specifically comment on a recent landmark event where the FCC auctioned television air waves.

TechGenii CEO Barbara Bickham According to Bickham, “The next innovation leap in mobile media could occur from this sale, because whoever controls the airwaves will be able to deliver content, products and services into and out of the home rather easily and quickly.”

The fact that these Superman-like frequencies can cross long distances, penetrate walls and carry loads of information in a single bound is predicted to impact everything from enhanced search on television and mobile phones to the possibility of new forms of communication altogether.

“I was honored to be included in Entrepreneur Magazine as an ‘influencer,'” Bickham said. “Digital media is not just a trend, it’s a force that will continue to evolve and affect the way we do business on a daily basis.”

Founded in 2002, TechGenii, Inc. has spent the past four years in interactive, mobile and digital media strategy, project management, and implementation. They have helped companies on the business side doing business development, business plan creation and analysis, fundraising, creating digital strategies and business models. They have also helped companies on the technology side doing mobile and Internet technology selection and review and project management for mobile and Internet implementations.

Bickham is an active member of several communication organizations including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and is also a community advisory board member for KCET Los Angeles.

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