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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Feb 07, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s a common problem. In fact, approximately 13 million taxpayers are haunted by IRS issues that they want to solve, but are too bombarded with information to know where to turn. In short, they’re overwhelmed. helps to alleviate that stress. It’s a user-friendly website and new marketing technology that connects concerned taxpayers anonymously with multiple, licensed tax professionals.

“FeeAuction is like Uber for the tax resolution industry,” Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA and CEO of Negotiation Technologies LLC, creators of, says. “Our service is two-fold. It helps taxpayers with IRS problems to anonymously find a tax professional and it helps qualified tax professionals expand their practice.”

Here’s how it works: Taxpayers visit and answer a few simple questions that give insight into their specific problem. For example, perhaps they’ve failed to file their taxes for the past several years, can’t pay what’s owed or maybe they’re being audited. Whatever the case, having told their story only once, this information reaches multiple credentialed tax resolution professionals who will carefully review and evaluate the details, and bid on the case if they’re confident it’s something they can resolve.

In turn, the taxpayer anonymously reviews the fee bids and solutions. They can read the bidder’s profiles, visit their websites and really get a feel for who has the best solution and fee that makes the most sense to them. It’s not until the taxpayer has decided on a bid that their contact information will be shared with that specific tax professional. However, the taxpayer is under no obligation to choose any of them.

“Taxpayers love it because they only have to tell their story once,” Buchwald says. “They don’t have to make multiple phone calls or in-person visits to numerous tax pros and repeat their story over and over again.” is all about transparency. Troubled taxpayers already have enough stress; constantly worrying about a wage garnishment, bank levy, a tax lien and general embarrassment about their IRS issues. This unique service puts them in control and ensures that they get the right solution, connected with the right professional, and without worrying about paying too much in fees.

So, for taxpayers who want to start sleeping at night again and for tax professionals who want to build their client base, provides the perfect platform for both.

The founders of, Negotiation Technologies LLC, are no strangers to the tax resolution industry. They also own, the industry leader in tax resolution software for attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents.

For more information, visit: There are two videos that clearly explain how FeeAuction works for the taxpayer and the tax professional.

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