Berries: The Complete Guide to Cooking

NEW YORK, N.Y., Jul 06, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Super food celebrity author Stephanie Pederson hosts the peak “Berry Extravaganza,” a free tele-summit event featuring a panel of today’s “berry best” super food celebrity experts and authors, July 9-31, at

The event, featuring berry experts of all types, celebrates the recent release of her latest book, “Berries: The Complete Guide to Cooking with Power Packed Berries” (ISBN: 978-1454918356), by Sterling Press. As a special gift offer, the tele-summit recordings will be offered as a bonus solely to purchasers of the book who forward a photo of their sales receipt to Pedersen.

“Growing up, one of my favorite activities was berry picking. I always wanted to grow up and own a U-Pick Berry Farm,” says Pedersen. “Though I don’t own a berry farm, I now have the opportunity to celebrate one of my favorite fruits with others who share my delight.”

Much like a virtual farmer’s market, visitors to the Berry Extravaganza site get to sample what they like from an array of experts and topics.

In addition to hosting the event, Pedersen offers segments where she shares the science behind berries’ power to make us look younger, as well as the ins and outs of concocting perfect berry smoothies.

Event guests include:
* Kim Lutz, author of “The Welcoming Kitchen,” and “Ancient Grains,” shares “Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free Baking with Berries”
* Teri Dunn Chase, author of “Homegrown Berries,” advocates for grow-your-own strawberries, and how to make it do-able where you are right now
* Helen Yoest, author of “Good Berry, Bad Berry,” leads us safely through the briar and bramble of foraging and wild-picking
* Lisa Fazio Ferguson, of “Hawthorne Hills Herbs,” shares how to make your own traditional medicinal home remedies using berries.
* Tantra teacher Oceana LeBlanc reveals how to use berries as an aphrodisiac
* Sustainability expert Jessie Johnson, hones in on the issues surrounding commercial berries, and how to make good choices as a consumer.
* Paleo expert Rhiannon Lawrence Zitting places berries within the context of a paleo diet, answering questions raised by the standing debate about whether Paleos can include berries and still be considered Paleos.
* Lee Reich, author of “Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden,” considers a range of sumptuous “off the radar” berries, such as gooseberries, mulberries, and currants.
* Manuel Villacorta, author of “Peruvian Powerfoods,” delves into the benefits of South American power berries, such as acsai, pichu berry, and more
* “Berried in Chocolate” owner Sherri Fitzpatrick shares her techniques for dipping strawberries.
* And more! Pedersen plans to add surprise guests to the line-up.

This summer’s “Berry Extravaganza,” focuses solely on berries: South American favorites such as Acai and pichu berries; North American cranberries and blueberries; and medicinal berries such as hawthorn, gooseberries, currants, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, mulberries; and others.

“Humans have been enjoying berries from the beginning of time, using them as food and medicine,” says Pedersen.

Attendees can expect the expert authors to share the wisdom of their experience, as well as the findings of current studies supporting the benefits of adding berries to our diets, says Pedersen.

To round out the sweet and savory summer event, “Berry Extravaganza” will also include delicious insights and how-to knowledge for wine-berry pairings, baking with berries, fitting berries into paleo diets, therapeutic berries, using medicinal berries, aromatherapy, berries as aphrodisiacs, foraging for berries, backyard growing, savory berry cooking, and berry-based cosmetics.

Register for Stephanie Pedersen’s “Berry Extravaganza” a free tele-summit, July 9-31, 2016, at To receive details about receiving the free recordings with purchase of “Berries: Complete Guide to Cooking with Power Packed Berries,” contact Pedersen on the tele-summit site and at

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