SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The following is the statement of Andrea Deveau of TechNet, Robert Callahan of the Internet Association, and Allan Zaremberg of the Chamber of Commerce, leaders of the Committee to Protect California Jobs, on the submission of signatures to qualify a ballot measure that calls for the California-only regulation of the Internet.

“This ballot measure disconnects California. It is unworkable, requiring the internet and businesses in California to operate differently than the rest of the world — limiting our choices, hurting our businesses, and cutting our connection to the global economy.”

“The internet is a seamless and global network. Yet the proponent, a multi-millionaire real estate developer with no background in privacy regulation, is seeking to create a California-only regulatory scheme. It makes no sense to attempt to wall off our state cutting off Californians from convenient services.”

“The only real beneficiaries of this measure will be trial lawyers, who will be allowed to sue businesses for violation of the measure even if they cannot prove anyone has been harmed. This will open the floodgates for abusive, costly lawsuits.”

“A broad-based coalition of businesses and organizations already opposes this poorly written, misguided proposal. We are confident that when the voters are educated on the true motivations and impacts of this ballot measure they will agree it is bad for California.”

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