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PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov 17, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Agile, a groundbreaking fintech bringing mortgage lenders and broker-dealers onto a single electronic platform, today announced that SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp., a FINRA-regulated wholly owned subsidiary of SouthState Bank, N.A, has joined Agile’s broker-dealer network. SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. has been conducting TBA trades with better efficiency to execute at competitive pricing via Agile as of August 2022.

“I like the efficiency of an electronic quote and the speed of the trade,” states Tony Mun, Head of TBA Trading Desk/Business at SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. “The ability to adjust levels while the bid/ask is ‘open’ is a big differentiator, and I’m a big fan of the ability to sort/filter various functionalities within the Agile platform.” Agile’s technology removes manual calls, freeing up time and reducing the need to be on the phone all day.

Tony explained that the main difference between an Agile and non-Agile process is the quote mechanism. “I typically receive a phone call versus an electronic submission. My market assessment process remains the same.” Agile’s platform reduces the possibility of human error so broker-dealers can efficiently interact with the market [*see Note 1]. “The levels the clients receive are good, the process is quick and efficient and the platform provides decent liquidity for clients,” says Mun.

“My personal experience with the Agile team has been exceptional. I have a long history with MCT so my interaction with Agile and this new platform should be seamless and highly productive,” further emphasized Tony. “I, personally, am excited to work with and help originators grow their businesses while providing stable and consistent liquidity for their hedging needs. It is our hope and intention to build relationships over the years and ideally help the clients achieve their growth and business objectives,” he added.

Agile’s mission is to unlock the potential of an electronic marketplace and grow its network of lenders and broker-dealers to efficiently interact with the market and their counterparties. The idea of electronic trading isn’t new, but for the mortgage originator, it’s “game-changing,” according to Mun.

“We’re proud to have SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. join Agile’s broker-dealer network,” shared Tawab Abawi, Director of Trading & Institutional Sales at Agile. “Tony and his team will bring additional liquidity and price transparency at an important time in the market for the mortgage industry.”

When it comes to TBA trading, Tony believes that “the Agile platform has and will require the broker-dealer universe to rethink their business model as well as the IT approach as it relates to future clients.”

About Tony Mun

Tony Mun is a fixed-income professional with a varied background in mortgage pass-throughs, whole loan strategy, and securitization.

About SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp.

SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp., a registered member of FINRA and SIPC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SouthState Bank, N.A. (SSB). SouthState|DuncanWilliams Capital Markets is a division of SSB and is not registered as a broker-dealer. SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. and SouthState|DuncanWilliams Capital Markets are collectively referred to as “SouthState|DuncanWilliams”. Securities may be offered to Institutional customers through either SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. or SouthState|DuncanWilliams Capital Markets. Broker-dealer services are offered by SouthState|DuncanWilliams Securities Corp. Securities and investment products offered through SouthState|DuncanWilliams are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency, are not bank guaranteed, are not bank deposits or obligations, and may lose value. To learn more, please visit:

About Agile

The industry’s first MBS fintech, Agile brings together lenders and dealers of all sizes onto a single platform. Agile facilitates the exchange of TBA MBS by securing and automating communication between mortgage lenders and broker-dealers. Agile digitizes the historically phone-based process to an electronic platform which may improve profitability and efficiency, while reducing administrative errors. Through its competitive TBA RFQ digital platform, mortgage lenders gain access to national and regional broker-dealers previously inaccessible on digital platforms, while broker-dealers gain access to an

ever-growing network of lenders. Based in Philadelphia, Agile Trading Technologies supports a national network of clients with a team of capital markets professionals who have deep trading experience at financial organizations of every size. Learn more:

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Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients, and past results are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Benefits and metrics listed in this document were sourced from the MCT Study of Digital RFQ Implementation, July 2021 found at\study-of-digital-rfq-implementation. Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) is a client of Agile Trading Technologies and active user of the Agile RFQ platform.

This study measured the change in phone use, productivity, and TBA execution associated with the implementation of Agile Trading Technology’s RFQ platform (Agile RFQ), as well as the experiences of platform users. The study encompassed over 250 mortgage lender clients of MCT who either used Agile RFQ to support their own TBA trading, or Agile RFQ was used by MCT traders to support TBA trading on their behalf. The study measured the month of January 2021 (after implementation) against the month

of January 2020 (before implementation). Data was collected through MCT reports on TBA trading activity and surveys of platform users. Possible limitations of the study include the relatively.


[*Note 1] MCT Study of Digital RFQ Implementation, see Works Cited for details.

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