LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — It’s a fact. There’s an increasing shortage of primary and specialty care physicians in the U.S. According to new research by the Association of American Medical Colleges, estimates show that by 2030 there could be a shortage of up to 120,000 licensed physicians. Residents Medical is working to help fill the gap.

Residents Medical’s Candidates
Year after year, approximately 5,000 U.S. medical student graduates and graduates from abroad, do not land a medical residency. And, since an Accreditation Counsel for Graduate Medical Education residency must be completed to practice medicine in the U.S., it’s a matter of supply and demand. There are simply more medical school graduates applying than there are residency positions. On the flipside, there are more licensed doctor positions available than there are doctors. It’s a Catch 22.

Historically, physicians from other countries have helped to fill the void, but often have difficulty finding residencies. Residents Medical, an education, preparatory, placement and consulting organization, has removed this barrier.

Dr. Vivek, a Residents Medical alumnus says, “As a recent graduate of Residents Medical residency placement program, I can attest to the fact that I tried for years to land a medical residency. I was about to give up. I was so happy to find out about Residents Medical and they helped me land a residency.”

Dr. Vivek, who was a graduate of a medical school in India, brings a great deal of assets with him. He has diversified experience and is willing to practice in rural and underserved areas where others may not be willing to go.

“I see a need in these areas and there are many like me waiting in the wings,” Vivek says. “I want to give back. Without Residents Medical preparing me, and The Everest Foundation creating an opportunity, I would not have this residency position.”

The synergy between these two organizations is working and helping to fill the void. The Everest Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to the advancement of Graduate Medical Graduation (GME) that funds residency slots, research initiatives and has assisted in getting telemedicine programs up and running in rural communities. Residents Medical and the Everest Foundation are Indian founded and have shared ownership. The Everest Foundation has also set up initiatives that support an outreach of non-compliant patients in vulnerable population areas to help with follow-up care.

In order to be accepted into Residents Medical residency placement program, students and candidates often need to commit to practice (after completing their residency) in a depressed community for at least three years.

This works because Residents Medical helps the teaching hospital with a prepared residency candidate, and the community gets a much-needed physician. Residents Medical works with The Everest Foundation, hand-in-hand, and examines the needs of each community to ensure its matching the right candidate with the right opportunity.

Professor Raj Ramsamooj, M.D., Director of Foundation Operations, says, “I have talked with Program Directors, Medical Directors and Deans and they tell me that there is not a General Surgeon within a 50-mile radius in some of their communities. And I’m not talking about parts of Montana here. This shortage is happening in rural parts of California. For example, just outside of Sacramento, this shortage is eating away at our populations.”

Sheila Aula, senior guidance counselor at Residents Medical, says that while areas such as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica don’t have a doctor shortage, a quick 20-minute drive to parts of East Los Angeles do.

“We’re helping these communities one resident at a time,” she says.

Residents Medical candidates not only receive invitations for interviews, which they are prepared for, but many are subsequently offered a residency position beyond and outside of the traditional residency placement season (typically September through March).

“So, while many other applicants lose hope at the end of March, our footprint is continuous,” Aula explains.

The bottom line: Residents Medical is onto something. Its “Residency Dream Team” helps candidates achieve their “Dream Residency” while tackling the serious doctor shortage issue. Their approach is innovative, pioneering and sustainable. The results on both fronts are exceptional.

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News Source: Residents Medical Group, Inc.