MOBILE, Ala. — Pirate Island Press, an independent publisher of scientific, historical, and military fiction announces the addition of E-Book availability for the thrilling new novel of bioterrorism and national security, “The Jihad Germ.” Within days of its release, the downloadable version of the novel is listed by EbookMall at the height of their “Top 100 New Releases.”

“The Jihad Germ” explores the biotech development of an antibiotic-resistant microbe by organized religious extremists and a resultant attack on an American city. Medical, military and intelligence services fight to save lives and find the source of the organism, as political heavyweights struggle to restore the balance of world power. A covert mission into the Middle East is the only remaining option for stopping the ticking of the survival clock.

Midwest Book Review describes the work as “a chilling, all-too-real account that could well be taken from tomorrow’s newspaper headlines.” Author T.N. Rivers poses these hefty questions from his background as an emergency physician and military flight surgeon.

“The Jihad Germ” is immediately available for download from, and an audio version of the novel will be released in May, 2008. Trade paperback versions (ISBN: 978-0-9799326) of the work are available through Atlas Books and, with links and further information on the publisher’s website: