BATON ROUGE, La. — Making bold calculated moves is what corporate sales expert turned entrepreneur, Erin Douglass, does best. And like the strength she derives from the practice of Pilates and Yoga, Douglass is looking to strengthen her product line. This spring, her Pilates clothing brand, we pilates clothing(R) ( incorporated the Supima(R) brand in the already successful lifestyle line that takes women from their Pilates or Yoga practice to their other normal daily activities.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the we pilates clothing(R) line is being expanded to include exceptionally high-quality 100% American Pima cotton in the form of Supima(R) tee-shirts for women. “I wanted to do something important and meaningful for our environment and economy,” said Douglass. “Adding a single made-in-USA product may not seem like a big leap to others, but the reality is, this helps me do my part to grow a socially responsible economy in the United States.”

The marketing and promotion of apparel products made of 100% American Pima cotton requires a license to use the trademarked Supima(R) brand. There are over 300 fine-count textile mills, manufacturers and retailers around the world who are licensed to use the Supima(R) brand, and as of January 2008 we pilates is among them.

Every product in the we pilates clothing(R) line is made of 100 percent cotton with the exception of the pants and fifteen-percent of the line is already made in the USA. “I hope to have our entire line manufactured in the U.S. by 2009,” explained Douglass. “I want to be conscientious with manufacturing in general and this is a move that enables me to do so.”

Servicing retail and wholesale clients nationally, we pilates also services clients worldwide in Singapore, Kuwait, and England with plans for continual expansion into as many other countries as possible. “Savvy people recognize the Supima(R) brand and know the exceptional quality it represents,” said Douglass. “I want we pilates clothing(R) to be a recognizable brand for people who do Pilates and Yoga as well as a favorite among practitioners.”

Douglass is founder and owner of we pilates and has been a Pilates and Yoga practitioner for ten years. Douglass’ website showcases all of her Pilates/Yoga clothing designs which can also be found at upscale Spas, Boutiques, and Pilates/Yoga Studios. Enjoying trade media placement, we pilates was showcased in the January 2008 issue of La Vie Magazine.

About we pilates, LLC
we pilates provides uniquely stylish and functional Pilates/Yoga clothing designs for women, men, and children under its brand we pilates clothing(R). we pilates also offers custom logos and designs for studio representation on request.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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