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CAVE CREEK, Ariz., Feb 06, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Partners Snake Avoidance has trained over 17,000 dogs to avoid the scent and sound of a Rattlesnake. This protects the dogs and their owners from the deadly venom of a rattlesnake. A Rattlesnake bite can cost several thousand dollars to treat and may prove deadly. Partners Snake Avoidance recommends every dog to have this type of training if they are going to be in a desert environment and especially if they are curious or active in nature.

Partners Snake Avoidance wants to keep you and your dog safe in our wonderful desert environment. As the weather warms up and the creepy crawlers are more pronounced the risk of a snake bite dramatically increases.

Treatment of a Rattlesnake bite can cost thousands of dollars in anti-venom and could still prove to be deadly. Not to mention the emotional cost of a traumatic experience. The alternative is to take your dog to Partners Snake Avoidance in Cave Creek, Arizona and undergo just 15 minutes of training in order to create a negative association with the scent and sound of a rattlesnake.

The methods used by Partners Snake Avoidance are incredibly safe for both the dog in training as well as the rattlesnake. Upon arriving, your dog is fitted with the training equipment and taken out onto the course in a real desert environment. Partners Snake Avoidance’s instructors and handlers walk your dog up to double-mesh wire cages and once your dog shows curiosity to the scent or sound of the rattlesnake a small stim from an E-Collar is applied. This gives the dog a negative association with that scent or sound and a flight response is created.

While training is not guaranteed as many variables in the wild can affect results, they have 100s of 5-star reviews that speak to the efficacy of training.

In an interview, one client, Jon Hegreness, said: “Through the years I have taken three dogs to this location for Snake-proofing. I spend a lot of time in the desert with my dogs and can attest to the training being effective. All three of the dogs I put through their program had times they encountered snakes and none of the dogs wanted anything to do with them. The side effect of their avoidance was also to alert me to the snake’s presence near our trail. Having watched a neighbor’s dog go through the pain and treatment of a bite, and see the financial pain that caused the neighbor, it is a good idea to give these guys a go.”

Partners Snake Avoidance is starting this year’s training on February 22, 2020 but the first few sessions are already booked out. Costing only $100 and less than 15 minutes of time, this training is a no-brainer for any dog in the desert.

You can book your dog’s session in minutes using their online scheduler HERE:

Christopher Oosthuisen
Snake Avoidance Director
Partners Snake Avoidance

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