Take heart, America: conservative attacks on democracy will not stand. A brighter future will arrive and we will demonstrate that conservatism’s bigotry, plutocracy, and inhumanity are not what make this country great.

America's New Day Dawning

There are prerequisites for enjoying this column. In no particular order, you must have: sanity, an I.Q. above 85, and a soul. Since that clearly means conservatives will be left out, allow me to address them for a moment….

Note to conservatives: You seem to be misinterpreting the reason for the loathing normal people have for you. It’s not just your misguided fiscal policies or your attack on voting rights. It’s not just your fear-mongering or your embrace of fascism. It’s not just your attack on America’s clean air and water. It’s not just your attempt to harm local law enforcement with your anti-immigrant policies. It’s not just your assault on the LGBTQ community. It’s not just your hatred of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, indigenous people, veterans, students, and teachers. It’s not just your attack on citizens’ healthcare. It’s not just your favoring the rights of multi-national corporations over the rights of citizens. It’s not just your seditious collusion with Russia. It’s not just your worship of greed. It’s not just your desire to get the U.S. into more wars.

It is, of course, all of those things put together.

The main point is that decent human beings are finally realizing that conservatives are traitors to the ideals of America.

Liberal Faults

Heaven knows that the Left is often silly. Liberals can be lackadaisical. That’s how the country fell into the cesspool of conservatism that threatens America today.

Democrats frequently don’t organize and then they lose the vote to rightwing nutjobs — especially since the conservatives are busy restricting voting rights. Liberals fight liberals over small issues while conservatives get together to fiscally rape the nation. Progressives wring their hands over tough problems while conservatives work to screw over the poor and the middle class. Democrats dither while conservatives help the wealthy and powerful obtain more wealth and power.

Comes a Breaking Point

Sooner or later, the pestilence known as conservatism goes too far. Let’s consider a couple of examples:

* Conservative greedwhores collapsed the global economy in 1929 and that motivated good people to work together. The result was the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And that paved the way for Frances Perkins and The New Deal which changed American society for the better in so many important ways: The minimum wage. Unemployment insurance. Social Security. (They were also working on universal healthcare and might have achieved it if not for a little distraction called World War II.)

* George W. Bush collapsed the global economy in 2008 and that motivated good people to work together. The result was the election of Barack Obama. And that paved the way for a few little things like rescuing the economy, resurrecting the auto industry, establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, enacting the Dodd-Frank safeguards against Wall Street greed, and giving citizens the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Combatting Current Conservative Calamities

Today, America is faced with new horrors of conservatism as briefly outlined at the beginning of this diatribe. How can the conservatard terror be vanquished? It takes work. It takes spreading the word about the evils of RWNJs. It takes organizing in neighborhood after neighborhood, precinct after precinct, district after district.

Seems like a daunting set of tasks, but here’s the thing: decent people outnumber conservatives. This may even be true in the current moron-majority states like Kansas, Wisconsin, Utah, and the South. That’s correct — even in areas that elected syphilitic whores like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell you can find lots of forthright citizens who, if properly motivated, will vote against the conservative contagion.

Even Many Trump Voters

Those poor misguided souls who believed that Trump was “going to bring back jobs” are in for a rude shock. Once they wake up to the fact that the jobs that are coming back to this country are going to be held by robots, they are going to vote for anything that is anti-conservative.


Apparently, things have to get really bad before upright people get together and act. Well, things have gotten really bad: The conservative cabal is attacking democracy. The conservative cabal is attacking liberty. The conservative cabal is attacking reason, truth, justice, and decency. The conservative cabal is attacking our educational system. The conservative cabal is attacking your jobs, your water, your air, your healthcare.

Is that enough to make you angry? Is that enough to make you get to work on moving our nation forward instead of backwards? I’m betting it is.

The Return of Reason

I’m betting that the sublime nature of the human spirit will rise up to battle the pandemic known as conservatism. I’m betting that we are about to see the dawn of a resurgence of dignity and human rights. I’m betting that we will all work to educate each other. I’m betting that the populace and the media will encourage acceptance of facts instead of alt-right alt-fact alt-crap. I’m betting that America will soon be back, bigger and stronger than ever. For the good of our country and the fate of the world, do not let me lose that bet.


* * *

Editorial Note: Be aware this series of political articles may contain intentional satire by author John Scott G and is not fully based on fact aside from some of the stupider things, which are sadly 100% real. Hopefully you can tell the difference?

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