LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Odette-Odile this week announced the launch of a new web site where people can order dramatic and personal jewelry pieces to reflect inner beauty and outer strength. The company name, Odette-Odile, was inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet. Odette, the white swan, is the gentle queen of the swans symbolizing innocence, purity, grace, tenderness and love. Odette, in contrast to Odile, is the dazzling black swan – the mischievous seductive diva – the one who creates desire and satisfies fantasies.

Odette-Odile“Life is filled with dualities,” Amy Kalpakchyan, founder and designer of Odette-Odile, says. “Our jewelry reflects both sides and celebrates the many faces of women: caregiver, friend, mother, wife and lover.”

Amy, along with co-founder and business partner, Madlen, launched Odette-Odile because they could not find big glamorous jewelry pieces that were well priced, yet sophisticated and alluring.

“Our handcrafted jewelry designs are for women who want to shine. They are designed for both the gentle queen and the seductive diva; pieces can be modest or bold,” Amy adds.

Made from fine Austrian Swarvoski crystals, these handcrafted jewelry pieces will only increase in value over time. They make perfect pieces to hand down through the generations. They are also ideal for brides and their bridal parties.

The handcrafted jewelry designs come in many shapes and forms. They include: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and accessories; all handcrafted jewelry designs are made in the U.S.

In addition, Odette-Odile also crafts metal ties. Their exuberant collection of metal ties comes in a brilliant array of colors that complement different personalities and moods. The inspiration behind these designs was the men’s tie, symbolizing power and confidence. These ties can be worn in three different ways – choker-style; hanging loose with jeans; or even backwards with a backless dress.

About Amy and Madlen

Amy has a lifelong fascination with jewelry. While working towards a degree in graphic design, she worked for a number of companies where designing and branding cosmetics was their primary mission. During this time, she realized that she loved creating pieces that were feminine and that while cosmetic packaging stays in the purse, jewelry is worn on the body and defines the body’s curves. Handcrafted jewelry pieces also tell a story about an individual’s style, personality and preference.

Madlen is a professional makeup artist. She also worked for a company that made handmade jewelry during her college years. Her talents easily combined with those of Amy and the duo started designing and creating their own handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Their designs are inspired from a combination of graphic design, art, fashion and most importantly – women.

Odette-Odile handcrafted jewelry pieces are currently available in a few select stores in California, and on their web site at: .

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