LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Need a soap box to stand on to shout out your opinion about the upcoming presidential race? Well, now’s your chance. A new technology format created by Social42 makes it possible for people to share opinions – in this case, about the election – through its new soapbox technology. This new technology platform is designed to facilitate online interaction and debate in a highly-accessible format. Social42 ( is a web site that is easy-to-use and access. Political-minded folks simply log onto the web site and then dial the phone number listed for either Barack Obama or John McCain.

Social42The caller then calls the appropriate number and leaves a message about the candidate. This message then converts into an audio clip that can be listened to via the web site. A bipartisan section relating to issues only will soon be added.

Currently, messages are limited to one minute, but as the number of messages grows, there will be time for longer messages to be left via user-designated experts.

This new soapbox technology helps bridge the technology gap and to create a balanced view among members of the population. It encourages productive and constructive interaction between people of different generations and mindset.

“We wanted to address the widening gap of participation in the Information Age between the digerati and those feeling left out by complicated over-engineering,” Jerry Fan, Founding Partner, Social42, explains. “Soapbox by Social42 allows anyone with a telephone to share their opinions.”

He adds that, “The World Wide Web is an incredible utility. However, it tends to splinter and polarize views with specialty forums catering to every extreme.”

This soapbox technology is being used to demonstrate how other companies and businesses can utilize this practical platform. Non-profits and for-profits, alike, can benefit.

For example, schools can use this technology as a forum for debate. Non-profit organizations can create platforms that may not typically get any attention; politicians can use it as a polling platform; commercial interests and advertisers can use it as a customer service tool or data gathering device; and much more. Soapbox technology is great way to share ideas and prompt solutions.

To share your opinion and to learn more about soapbox technology visit:

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