SACRAMENTO — It took Philip Chabot 40 years to tell his story, and it’s now available on YouTube through Chabot was an integral part of what he believes to be an American conspiracy, where the U.S. Government and the CIA allegedly took advantage of, and held hostage, a select group of people who had psychic abilities in order to spy on other countries. In his new book, “OPERATION BLUE LIGHT: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies” (Cherubim Publishing, September 2008 – ISBN 978-0-9816024-0-0 $26.95 294 pages), Chabot finally divulges his frightening experiences as a “psychic spy” with the United States Military Intelligence. An unusual and compelling memoir, this is a true account of deception and subterfuge – a book unlike any other on the market today.

Traditional methods of gathering intelligence include using satellites, intercepting communications and recruiting agents. However, now top secret documents have emerged revealing that the Ministry of Defense ran a covert project to recruit psychics during the Cold War, in the hope of tracking down people and items of interest to the government and the military.

According to Chabot, “The use of psychic spies may still be happening today. Most recently, by the 1990s, it was revealed that the Pentagon continued to employ a highly classified team of ‘psychic spies,’ who use a form of remote viewing to aid in the gathering of intelligence in foreign countries.”

OPERATION BLUE LIGHT: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies, reveals the government’s never-ending fascination and involvement with “mental” technologies and their alleged collusion with psychiatric types to master control of the human mind for their own purposes and schemes. For the very first time, we get a chance to see what they were doing in the 1960s. Chabot gives us a look at abilities, techniques and practices never before revealed.

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