SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Moss Beach Homes, Inc., the lead agency for Aspira, one of the largest private providers of foster care services in California announced that it has changed its name to Aspiranet to better reflect the work it does in communities across California. In the agency’s thirty-three years, it has gone from a single group home in Moss Beach, California, to a collaborative network of youth, family and community services that provide permanency and lifelong connections in communities throughout the State of California.

“It is important to have a name that reflects the strength and breadth of our agency as well as our vision and core values,” said Vernon Brown, CEO of Aspiranet. “With 35 locations, 715 employees, 40 different programs and serving over 9,300 children and families each year, our focus has evolved beyond our humble beginnings on the San Mateo County coast.” The new name, Aspiranet, emphasizes the agency’s network of programming and partnerships across California while acknowledging and celebrating “Aspira” – “Hope” in Latin.

Aspiranet’s services, programming and advocacy is represented by six core areas of focus and activity: Foster Care; Adoption; Family; Education; Afterschool and Community.

Aspiranet’s foster care, adoption, behavioral health, home based family services, wraparound services and foster youth transitional services were widely known under the Aspira or Aspira Foster & Family Services name. Aspiranet’s residential treatment programs and specialized schools were known as Excell Center, Stanislaus Academy or Valley Oaks School. “All of these programs will be provided under the new Aspiranet name,” said Dennis Bush, Communication Director.

Aspiranet will continue to be the lead agency for the several community collaboratives such as the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center in San Francisco, Experience Corps-Bay Area and MOUSE Squad of California. These co-branded programs will continue to round-out and extend the impact of the agency’s network beyond social services and education.

“Our name change provides us with the opportunity to engage the community in a different way than we have in the past. Communicating with one name will allow us to fully make available the array of services and experience that we have to offer consumers and communities. We want our partners, supporters and stakeholders to be able to share in the impact that they are having across the state,” says Bush.

The agency’s new website features a great deal more information about services, programming and locations. Stories provided by Aspiranet volunteers, partners, donors, and consumers demonstrate the impact of the Aspirnet network.

The site launched today,, will continue to be updated and enhanced to include in-depth articles, research and advocacy links. “The opportunity to provide our stakeholders and the general public with current news and available services allows us to share the progress that we are making in California to support communities and families as they love and care for their children,” said Brown

Aspiranet has created a network of community-focused programming to raise hope and empower communities. Headquartered in South San Francisco, Aspiranet leverages the resources of its statewide network, its decades of expertise and its local community relationships to maximize results. Aspiranet’s skilled staff is passionate about making a difference where they work and live.

“We all have a vested interest in the success of children and families in our communities across California. Aspiranet will build on the proud tradition of its past and looks forward to harnessing its network of experience. We invite the input of our stakeholders. One of our greatest hopes is that others will join with us in listening and responding to those who seek or request our support,” concluded Brown.

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