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VENICE, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Rejuvatek Medical Inc. officially launches a Tatt2Away non-laser tattoo removal system in the Venice California area. Bree Solomon in Venice, has come on board with the company to offer to all its clientele certified tattoo removal as the first Tatt2Away Center in the Southern California area. Bringing into their high quality of service and products, the all natural system.

The community that starts to call Black Diamond home start as customers and strangers. "They soon leave us as a part of our family," said Bree, "feeling right at home." And it's in that striving to bring their family exactly what they need when they buy Black Diamond's version of fine art. Those at Black Diamond became aware of Tatt2Away at a time when they were actively looking for an effective solution for removals.

It is Tatt2Away's ability to have multiple tattooing options at the ready when an unwanted tattoo needs to make room for something new. Bree said, "The option to remove parts or all of a tattoo within a shorter period of time is quite appealing to most." She concluded: "Tatt2Away allows the client more room to what will cover what they now have."

More information about Black Diamond Tattoo:

Rejuvatek Medical is placing around the nation Tatt2Away ( systems offering a limited exclusivity to those tattoo studios that see the opportunity first and act on it. For more information, go to or contact Rejuvatek Medical, Inc. at 855-252-2929 or submit a request form from the web site.

Twitter: @tatt2away @BlackDiamondT2


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