SAN JOSE, Calif. — Quarta Mobile Inc, is pleased to announce that its program mDigger(TM) Reader has successfully passed the “Designed for Palm Products” compatibility test and has permission to use the “Designed for Palm Products” logo.

mDiggertm is a new application that gathers all types of data from websites, databases, newsfeeds, electronic documents, podcasts, video, etc., and displays them on mobile devices offline or online.

It is a new type of mobile information browser and works together with mDigger Service, an information service that delivers content from a large number of Web resources in a format complementary to mobile devices.

mDigger Reader can be downloaded for free at:

The Palm brand is well known worldwide as the #1 maker of mobile computing devices. The Designed for Palm Products (DFPP) logo program was developed by Palm to help developers use the power of the Palm brand to reach new customers and markets, increase brand recognition and maximize sales. The logo lets end-users easily identify software products that are compatible with Palm’s devices.

DFPP certified versions of mDigger Reader are available for all Palm devises running on Windows Mobile including Treo 700w/wx and 750.

About Quarta Mobile:
Quarta Mobile was established in 2006 to bring innovative services and solutions for mobile devices to the marketplace. The company combines a novel approach with the latest technology to create applications and services geared towards providing users and organizations with just-in-time information where and when they want it.

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