SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Matic Insurance Services (Matic), a digital insurance agency that enables borrowers to purchase homeowner’s insurance during the home-buying transaction, today announced a new partnership with LendingQB, a provider of “lean lending” loan origination technology. Matic announced the news as part of a live demonstration at San Francisco’s Digital Mortgage conference.

Matic and LendingQB
Matic’s integration with LendingQB’s flagship loan origination software (LOS) makes it easy for borrowers to upload or secure a homeowner’s insurance policy during the mortgage application process. The result is a less stressful experience for borrowers and the elimination of costly insurance-related delays for LendingQB’s lender clients.

Loan officers, processors and closers can initiate the process by issuing a one-click invitation from within the LendingQB LOS. Alternatively, borrowers can request a quote with the click of a button from within their lender’s self-service mortgage portal. The entire process, from requesting a quote to securing a policy, can be completed in minutes.

“Matic simplifies the often-frustrating process of getting homeowner’s insurance and moves it within the mortgage transaction for greater convenience and faster loan closings,” said Matic Co-founder and COO Ben Madick. “Borrowers no longer have to enter a bunch of personal information or attempt to answer detailed questions about the subject property. Instead, LendingQB delivers this data to top-rated insurance carriers through Matic.”

“For the typical home loan, securing homeowner’s insurance takes two to three days. With LendingQB and Matic, borrowers can secure a policy in two to three minutes,” said LendingQB President Tim Nguyen. “Borrowers appreciate the more streamlined and easy-to-understand process, and because there’s no extra effort required on the lender’s part, the time savings go straight to the lender’s bottom line. By partnering with leading-edge technologies like Matic, LendingQB is making every step of the lending process more efficient and customer-friendly.”

About Matic Insurance Services:

Matic Insurance Services (Matic) is a technology-driven insurance agency focused on helping lenders and loan officers better integrate homeowner’s insurance into the lending process. By using loan application information and first-of-its-kind technology, Matic provides homebuyers multiple policy options within seconds, helping loan officers close their loans faster. Matic delivers the most trusted, affordable insurance policies available thanks to its partnerships with a diverse network of insurance carriers. Today’s borrowers expect a digital home-buying experience, and Matic gives them the digital insurance experience to match.

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About LendingQB:

LendingQB is a provider of Lean Lending solutions for residential mortgage banking organizations. The Lean Lending solution consists of a 100 percent web browser-based, end-to-end loan origination system, best of breed integrations with key industry partners and ‘adoptimization’ services that result in faster cycle times and lower costs per loan. For more information, call 888-285-3912 or visit