ROCKLEDGE, Fla. — LRM Industries, LLC, headquartered in Rockledge, Florida, announces a new innovative production line, custom designed for the unique, patent-pending STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) technology, which was invented by LRM in 2007. This novel line produces large thermoformed parts on 3 to 5 trolleys in a circular track architecture, coating molten polymer directly onto onboard traditional thermoforming molds. These trolleys are computer controlled and all elements required for part molding are onboard. Pre-manufactured sheets are not required with the STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) process, allowing a significant savings in the production of large heavy-gauge parts, and very high productivity.

LRMDuring the commercialization of this new technology, LRM has demonstrated that “coating” the mold directly with a profiled extruded sheet allows the production of deep-draw products with minimum thinning. A wide array of polymers can be used, and all trim and finishing waste is recycled onsite for reuse in part production. Additionally, thermoplastic composite thermoformed parts and structures can be molded using long fiber reinforcement with this same breakthrough, one-step process technology.

This new production line is designed to leverage the inherent advantages of going from thermoplastic resin directly to a large thermoformed part in one process cycle, putting LRM Industries in a unique position globally.

About LRM

LRM Industries, LLC is a joint venture company of NOVA Chemicals Inc. and Envirokare Tech, Inc. LRM was established to commercialize TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(TM) technology, a radically new and award-winning process technology for producing large, feature-rich, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite parts in one fully automated molding operation. With the TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(TM) technology and the new STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) technology, LRM enables new innovative applications and designs in the use of plastics and thermoplastic composites to produce very large unitary structures where, to-date, it has been viewed as cost prohibitive or lacking in strength and structural integrity. Visit