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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov 10, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In September 2020, the quantum-safe XQ Message platform was successfully deployed at the Indiana 5G Zone’s Advanced Innovation & Test Lab in a service configuration. Quantum-safe encryption ensures that data can be kept safe from existing data exfiltration as well as future quantum computing attacks. The Indiana 5G Zone is the first to demonstrate Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) transparently protects and tracks IoT data as it moves across 5G infrastructure.

* The Indiana 5G Zone utilized XQ Message’s crypto-agile platform to transparently encrypt IoT data and track movement via management system

* The Zone is planning to offer Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) to academic and commercial 5G networks across America

The Indiana 5G Zone was established in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to leverage Indiana’s developing digital infrastructure in order to catalyze innovation and support rapidly-developing companies. Its focus is on 5G solution architecture such as Advanced Manufacturing and Smart Communities. This initiative focuses on commercial 5G applications that provide cost savings and the creation of new service concepts. To date, the Zone has secured academic and manufacturing partnerships as well as 50 development partners.

XQ Message was selected by the Zone due to their ability to support a wide array of Quantum-safe algorithms and their management dashboard to provide the tracking and billing required for Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS). XQ provides IoT systems a crypto-agile Quantum-safe data protection solution that supports all of the new Quantum-safe algorithms currently being reviewed by NIST. Most importantly the Indiana 5G Zone plans to offer Quantum-safe Encryption as a service (QEaaS) to academic and commercial 5G networks across America.

“Within a very short time the Indiana 5G Zone has established an ecosystem that brings together over 50 local and global partners together. Our goal is to become the rapid innovation leader for dual-use, secure 5G technologies,” said Sean Hendrix, Director of the Indiana 5G Zone.

“Protecting data must be the highest priority for 5G networks. The partnership between the Indiana 5G Zone and XQ to create a Quantum-safe encryption service is a national security achievement,” said Bob Flores, Former CTO of the CIA, XQ Message Board Advisor.

“Indiana is committed to investing in emerging areas like 5G to position the state for long-term competitiveness and economic growth,” said David Roberts, IEDC Chief Innovation Officer. “With this new initiative at the Indiana 5G Zone, the state will continue to attract more diverse companies to Indiana while leading in the development of 5G-enabled technologies.”

“Public – public research partnerships with the Department of Defense and State initiatives such as the Indiana 5G Zone will be critical to reducing the cost and development time for 5G innovation,” said Randy Clark, Vice Chair National Spectrum Consortium (NSC).

The rollout of this 5G initiative enables a new level of encryption security in our national data and communication infrastructure. The selection of XQ Message, a California startup, was based on their new type of API-based edge-encryption technology that is able to support all the algorithms that NIST is reviewing. XQ provides a future proof data protection solution for IoT systems by eliminating the need to write code as agents in 5G Gateways and MEC nodes automatically update the algorithms.

“We are excited to be selected by the Indiana 5G Zone as the platform for their Quantum-safe Encryption as a service (QEaaS). QEaaS is a breakthrough in simplicity and scale for IoT data protection that XQ looks forward to rolling out across America,” said Brian Wane, CEO XQ Message.

Those interested in becoming a member of the Indiana 5G Zone should reach out to for more details. The lab welcomes all private, government, and academic entities, as well as students and individuals.

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