BAYVILLE, N.Y. — As summer fades into fall, more and more people move indoors for physical fitness. Whether it is a local gym or tennis bubble – these are places where germs love to live. As a result, Cor-Mark Incorporated announces the release of a new product – the GYM-HANDY – designed to focus on personal hygiene while making life a little more organized. Many people awkwardly juggle their iPod®, keys, cell phones, water bottles, and towels when working out. And, many of these items end up strewn on the ground — where they not only get in the way of others, but also pick up even more germs.

The GYM-HANDY eliminates these juggling sessions. It’s a magnetic personal item holder that attaches to exercise equipment and moves with the person as he or she changes stations. The Cicero family created this idea out of necessity. Avid gym goers, they found themselves with handfuls of items and no place to put them.

GYM-HANDY“Our personal gym experiences tell us that we treat our personal health with respect, but for some reason we treat our personal items with none,” Vincent Cicero, Managing Director for Cor-Mark Incorporated, says. “And, not only are these items in danger of getting lost or stolen, they also become germ carriers.”

There are already enough ways to cross contaminate colds and viruses without having to add to the list.

So, they came up with a device that was simple, easy-to-use, durable and intuitive. It’s also strong, but light weight, and very functional; it’s a personal valet.

After countless drawings and revisions, the first prototypes of the GYM-HANDY emerged. It started out as carved wood blocks, and then later became laser-cut plastic via a cutter-printer.

After months of research and revisions, a version was created that satisfied all the of the user’s needs. The GYM-HANDY(TM) can either hang on or be attached to exercise equipment via a multiple use handle or a magnetic device. It is compact and sized at approximately 9.25 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide. It comes in black and chrome and is priced under $20.

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