OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Atop your roof are up to half-a-dozen vent pipes, each one open to rain, dust, debris, insects, birds, and nocturnal animals, but a new inexpensive product has arrived to provide protection. It’s the E-Cap from JAF Industries. “For less than $10, homeowners can get safe, effective, environmentally sound protection with an E-Cap,” states Kenneth Brown, president of JAF.

E-Caps fit any major-sized exhaust or intake pipe in both vertical and horizontal positions. “They may be painted, they’re UV resistant, and they resist even extreme weather,” Brown points out. “E-Caps can prevent rooftop plumbing or heating vent pipes from getting clogged, blocked, stopped up, or cracked,” Brown adds, “as well as helping avoid the additional damage that ruined pipes could cause inside your dwelling.”

JAF IndustriesAs a former heating and cooling contractor for military housing, Brown made his first sales to an Air Force base. Now, the E-Cap is available for everyone. Constructed from GE’s Geloy Resin(R), they are recyclable and install in just minutes with a small application of PVC glue.

Consumers are learning about E-Caps through a video airing on YouTube and the JAF Industries site ( All information about the E-Cap can be read or downloaded from the site and individual or bulk orders may be placed there as well.

The fully animated production introduces a new star of the DIY and home improvement world: Fit the Wonder Cap. See how Fit saves the put-upon pipes on your roof by viewing the entertaining video here:

JAF Industries is also offering a unique interview opportunity: Web sites, magazines or newspapers can feature an interview with Fit the Wonder Cap. Fit will even reply to home repair questions from readers. To set up your interview with Fit, contact Kenneth Brown at JAF Industries, 405-606-1008.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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