SANTA BARBARA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT) today announced formation of a strategic business relationship with BioJet International. CERT is comprised of 57 sovereign Indian tribes as members.

CERT members collectively own and manage more than 30 percent of the coal west of the Mississippi; 40 percent of domestic uranium; and 10 percent of known national oil and gas reserves in the United States. CERT members also manage millions of acres of agricultural lands from which feedstock for biofuels may be grown. Learn more at: .

BioJet International is a leading supply chain integrator in renewable (bio) jet fuel and related co-products which include green diesel for the aviation and related commercial transportation sectors. BioJet has received last year a funding facility commitment of $1.2 billion to capitalize its supply chain projects program which include feedstock and refining projects as well as investments and related strategic acquisitions. The firm's operations span the entire biofuel chain including the generation of feedstock; technology; refining; logistics; sustainability certification; distribution and eventual end use by the aviation sector world-wide. BioJet is also the first Alternative Fuels Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association. Learn more at: .

David Lester, CERT Executive Director, said "We believe our sovereign tribal members together with BioJet are well suited to lead one of the largest economic transitions in history: the transition from a fossil based to a biofuel based transportation sector, and on a larger scale, the transition to building a foundation for sustainable tribal communities and an infrastructure for United States energy independence. This effort will be led for CERT by Robert J. Martin, former National Ombudsman of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C., as leader of the RES Alliance with which BioJet is a strategic partner. We are poised for a long transition period wherein biofuels gain large market share not only from fossil fuels but also from ethanol."

Mitch Hawkins, Chairman and CEO of BioJet, said "We envision the scope of our business relationship broadly with CERT to include at least $1 Billion worth of joint projects over a ten year period locating feedstock generation and refining operations to provide biofuels for commercial airlines and ground transportation at key locations throughout the western United States."

CERT and BioJet expect to conclude a Memorandum of Agreement in the next 60 days to define the terms of their participation.

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