ENCINITAS, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair (EFADAR) has announced that they are now one of the first certified “Green Stations” in the State of California. The Department of Toxic Substances Control, in conjunction with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, awarded the certification on April 15, 2009. Since 1988, Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair has been dedicated to the service of its customers, its community, and its planet.

EFADARIn a time when consumers are demanding that businesses seek earth-friendly alternatives, EFADAR is maintaining its steady commitment to practices that are environmentally sound and financially sound. Proving that they always have their customers’ best interests at heart, they have found a way to make both possible. So what is the cost associated with maintaining a Green Station? “Zero,” says owner Julie Macaluso, “Although we have been recycling most common things for a long time, it just took a little more thought and a re-working of our processes to educate ourselves to recycle almost everything. Now it’s like clockwork.”

So much like clockwork, in fact, that EFADAR has done away with the dumpster for their facility. They simply use recycling bins and standard household trash cans. This is quite the feat for an auto repair facility their size. They may look small from the street, but don’t let their looks deceive you. They house 14 repair bays, 20 full-time employees, and 15,000 square feet. “All of us at EFADAR are committed to this program,” says Julie, “We know it’s an ongoing effort and we will continue to do our best. Being environmentally responsible has been in our Mission Statement since the early days.”

Just what does this new “Green” certification mean? The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), which regulates the use and disposal of hazardous waste products, has partnered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair (a part of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs) to promote its “Green Station Recognition Program.” Participation in the program is completely voluntary for automotive repair facilities, and in order to be recognized as a “Green Station” a facility must undergo a rigorous application process, including a number of inspections and an auditing of the environmental impact of the facility. It’s an incredible honor, especially since Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is one of the first and one of the few to receive this certificate in the state of California.

EFADAR isn’t new to recycling and being environmentally friendly, though. Far from it, they’ve been at this for awhile. In 2001, EFADAR received a Corporate Leadership Award from Solana Recyclers and was recognized by then-governor Gray Davis with a Certificate of Commendation for their commitment to excellence in recycling. They are a certified recycling center for oil, oil filters, batteries, anti-freeze, lead wheel weights, Freon, and other toxic substances. Beyond all that, EFADAR employs factory-certified hybrid technicians, so they can quickly, effectively, and efficiently service hybrid vehicles. Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is a “Green Station” through and through.

Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is a facility that is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, dedicated to being involved in the community, and dedicated to protecting the environment… a winning combination for everyone they serve! Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair has also been approved by AAA, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and the BBB as an ethical and reputable business.

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