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MALIBU, Calif. /California Newswire/ — This is The Frequency presents "The Digital Spiritual Resort," a totally original and anarchic form of interactive entertainment that turns enlightenment, meditation and philosophy on its head. The Frequency experience uses music, humor and drama to explore the deepest issues of existence, and offers insights that will help you overcome the obstacles you face in getting the life you want.

Double Emmy(R) award-winning writer Simon Moore ("Traffik," "10th Kingdom," "The Quick and The Dead") has teamed up with Hollywood sound legend Val Kuklowsky ("Game of Thrones," "Independence Day," "Stargate") to create a new art form that breaks all the rules.

Kuklowsky and Moore assembled a team of artists and sound specialists from Hollywood and around the world to realize the Frequency project. "We would originate a recording in LA, then it would go via Germany, England, Iran and India and back to the USA. It was a truly global production," says Kuklowsky.

The expanding Frequency movement has grown in just three years to involve over 40 people from around the world. Through a combination of the online experience and live events, the Frequency movement is committed to exploring new art forms using modern technologies. "Our aim is to defy existing expectations and conventions and totally re-invent the concept of spirituality for a modern audience," says Moore.

The Digital Spiritual Resort is the result of their three year collaboration, a luxury refuge where you relax after work and laugh your way to enlightenment using revolutionary sound and editing techniques. The use of binaural and isochronic subliminal beats have led some listeners to suggest it's spiritual brainwashing, a claim which makes Moore laugh.

"People who go on a retreat and meditate and people who take an E and dance are doing exactly the same thing. The Spiritual Resort brings those two worlds together. It's Hollywood meets Eckhart Tolle. It's 'Enlightenment Meets the Munchies.' And it's a totally unique experience," says Moore.

When you enter the Digital Spiritual Resort you arrive at a futuristic lobby and get checked in by a robot concierge. So far, so strange. It's more like a portal than a hotel. Then you get in an elevator and go to some very weird places, and the fun starts.

Four different resort environments offer completely different experiences. Dance music on the beach, a soap opera in a sauna, private conversations overheard in a bar, calming meditations in a garden — with a chainsaw? The more you listen, the deeper you get into the spiritual mystery, and the more you begin to understand the connection between the four levels, as fact and fiction blend into something unique and transformational.

"These recordings unpick your brain," says Kuklowsky. "It's meditation for people who can't meditate. It's enlightenment for the lazy. We do all the work for you."

Adds Moore, "You don't have to do anything but listen. In fact you can chill out and go to sleep if you want to. It will still work."

If you need a soul vacation, you can check into the Digital Spiritual Resort at

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