REDONDO BEACH, Calif. — DermHair Clinic, a division of FineTouch Dermatology, Inc., located in Redondo Beach, Calif., offers a unique hair-restoration procedure called “Body Hair Transplantation” (BHT) where body hair is transplanted to balding areas on the head.

How does BHT differ from traditional hair transplants? Traditional transplants require redistribution of permanent hair from the back and sides of the head; this limits the donor supply to 5,000-7,000 hair follicles. In a significantly-bald individual, only one tenth of what has been lost can be replaced using this source. The result is often thin, and cosmetically unappealing.

DermHair ClinicBHT potentially adds the entire body-hair supply to the donor resource allowing even severely-bald individuals to aim for a fuller and better restoration. The procedure has been perfected by Dr. Sanusi Umar; to date, he has performed several cases, successfully.

One victim of a botched hair transplantation reports that he was able to get rid of his hairpiece of 13 years after receiving a 15,000 body hair-to-head transplantation.

Dr. Umar, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, reports that he routinely performs hair transplantation procedures that combine head and body hair. He has successfully been performing them for almost two years.

Certain body hair is thinner and looks better in the hair line than transplanted head hair. Dr. Umar routinely refines the transplanted hair line by using finer body hair, often from the legs, to impart a more natural, feathered look that cannot be attained by using head hair alone.

There are also more variations in the character of body hair. Therefore, some body hairs are best suited for specific purposes such as eyebrow or eyelash transplantations.

The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed using a knife-free, microsurgical technique called “Single Follicle Extraction and Transfer” (SFET). Hair may be removed from any part of the body for a successful BHT procedure. SFET is an advanced version of a procedure popularly known as “Follicular Unit Extraction” (FUE). To attain the high-graft counts that patients demand, Dr. Umar also uses SFET to extract hair from the non-balding areas of the head as well.

Not everyone is a good candidate for BHT. Some people do not have the appropriate amount of body hair, while others have unsuitable body hair characteristics.

The procedure is permanent and results are realized within approximately 18 months; follow-up is minimal and patients are typically released after one to two years. The BHT procedure is taxing with a high-skill level requirement and steep learning curve; a single-patient procedure often takes several days to complete.

Dr. Umar has plans to train doctors to independently provide these services throughout the U.S.

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