ELLENSBURG, Wash. — Any parent will tell you that finding jeans to fit a growing teenage boy is all but impossible, but for the parents of twelve year old Brenden Adams that challenge has assumed a new level of difficulty – Brenden is 7 feet tall and still growing! They finally found the answer in Make Your Own Jeans’ custom jean designs. Brenden Adams was diagnosed at a young age with a chromosome-12 inversion that told his body to grow but never bothered to tell it when to stop.

The young tween, who is the only known case of chromosome-12 inversion in the world, stands head and shoulders above his teachers and classmates, and doctors expect him to reach eight feet before he’s done growing.

Make Your Own Jeans contacted Brenden Adams and his family after seeing them on television and offered to create a pair of their custom-made jeans specifically for Brenden.

“Brenden wears the jeans proudly and looks nice too,” says Brenden’s mother. “I never imagined he’d actually have pants that fit.”

“In a world filled with people of all shapes, sizes and varying physical needs, the fashion industry has to recognize that not everyone is a perfect size,” says Make Your Own Jeans’ Harry Shahari. “Make Your Own Jeans is a fashion savvy company that recognizes the importance of non-conforming, eye-catching styles.”

Since opening their doors Make Your Own Jeans has specialized in jeans and suits for wearers who have difficulty finding manufacturer’s jeans that fit. The company is made up of a team of young, dynamic clothing professionals with over 25 years combined experience who have often worked with men and women like young Brenden whose physical conditions make it difficult to find comfortable, well fitting clothes.

Make Your Own Jeans was recently featured on the National Marfan Foundation web site, an organization dedicated to men, women and children with Marfan Syndrome (a genetic condition which affects the body’s connective tissues) and has worked with many individuals suffering from limited mobility.

“I recommend these jeans for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the sizing of ready-made jeans,” says Shahari. “Our custom made jeans will make you feel good and look good.”

Make Your Own Jeans, a leader in creating custom jeans, has seen its products featured in publications such as Oprah’s O Magazine, Instyle, American Way, Craft, and the Tampa Tribune. Client satisfaction and positive ratings have earned the company great repeat business. Make Your Own Jeans continues in its quest to assist clients in designing a pair of jeans that compliment not only their body, but their personality as well.

The link to the pictures of Brenden Adams wearing his custom Jeans is:

Most custom designs are available for less than $50. For more information, visit

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