MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 16, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Have you ever attended a Sports Combine, or even know what a Combine is? Well if your answer is no, don’t worry you soon will, maybe even have your own Combine, Combine automobile that is. Combine Motor Works, Inc., a Miami based company, is now looking to partner with the right auto manufacturer to help bring the Combine 4.0 auto into reality.

What’s in a name? Practically everything is in a products name. Sports Combines are very well known today, the word Combine is synonymous with words like Athletics, Speed, Performance and Agility, just to name a few. A Sports Combine is one of the most exciting events today connected with sports. There are now Combines in all sports, the main and most recognized Combine today is the annual NFL Combine which has a direct link to the NFL Draft. Whether it’s a youth Combine, High School, College or Professional Combine, the main event is always the 40 yard dash. “The Combine 40″ is a very familiar term and will give instant name recognition to the Combine 4.0 automobile.

According to Emory Williams, company President and CEO, “We were in talks with a foreign manufacturer and very close to a deal, but the group wasn’t fully understanding the magnitude of what we had on the table. They were looking to manufacture a weak version of what we had presented to them, not realizing the full concept of Combines and the class of consumers the auto would attract by its name alone. Knowing this would not be the right union, we decided to walk away and continue the search.”

Combine Motor Works has secured trademark rights to the name and is looking to have one of the finest automobiles in the world, nothing less. With the exposure of athletic Combines today, the “Combine 4.0″ will have an immediate consumer following which will include athletes of all sports, professional and non-professional, die-hard sports fans, and the consumer who buys what’s new just to make a statement.

Athletes work and train very hard preparing for their presence at the Combines, we are putting forth the same efforts to make the Combine 4.0 automobile one of the finest on the market today. “Great driving dynamics, good weight distribution and maneuverability are some of the areas we will pay close attention to, not to mention a roomy plush interior, comfort and style,” added Williams.

Being available in two design classes, sports coupe and SUV, the Combine 4.0 will be tagged as the “True American Sports Car.”

Says Williams “We will now continue making contacts with various manufacturers, looking for the right union. We know that once certain consumers see the Combine 4.0 on the car lot, they won’t leave without it.”

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